Pandoa-Chaba-Tattapani Sutlej route for commercial rafting

SHIMLA-Rafting aficionados today made a fervent plea to promote the Pandoa-Chaba-Tattapani route of the Sutlej for commercial rafting for walk-in tourists and professionals along the lines of the Alaknanda-Rishikesh rafting hot spot on the Ganga in Uttarakhand that promote adventure tourism and provide employment to local youth as river guides and trainers in the Shimla tourist circuit. Sutlej is the only river in the country which promises flat and drop in the river offering rafting for nine months and is the safest river for the purpose.

HP Tourism Department allows rafting here in ice-cold winter months and allows no beach camping as is done in Rishikesh. There are not more than two hotels in Tattapani. Rafting amateurs who visit Shimla have to brave the bad road as the rafting stretch is located more than 70 km from Shimla and it costs Rs 3,000 as transportation. It has about six class-2 and class-3 rapids that promise safe and hassle-free rafting for expeditions of youngsters, including school and college students. ~ The Tribune

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