Shimla MC’s garbage disposal solution for Summerhill ward

In Picture: An abandoned house near the residence of MP Dhani Ram Shandil in Summerhill.

SHIMLA – The garbage collectors pick the garbage from locality and dump it behind this abandoned house. The packets of garbage are piling day by day. Why there is no provision to transport this waste to the waste disposal plant? Why no vehicle come pick up daily garbage? Why no one is monitoring garbage collectors? A couple of weeks ago, Mayor of Shimla were circulating pamphlets of their achievement in Summerhill. This is what Summerhill Ward is delivered on the name of garbage disposal. Poor roads and poor street lighting? This is what ward Councillor and Shimla Municipal Corporation could do at best to manage garbage disposal in three years. What’s the use of electing a ward Councillor if he/she cannot monitor and manage such critical issues? Why MC is not monitoring progress of elected ward Councillors?

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