Quality of tarring work in Summerhill ward- Shimla MC’s another souvenir

SHIMLA- Shimla Municipal Corporation (SMC) will complete its five-year tenure and fresh elections are almost here. It’s important to count SMC’s achievements. People had given a chance to CPI (M) because they were fed up of Congress and BJP nuisance. People had hoped for at least little change at least under jurisdiction of SMC. To measure its performance, we would start from small and most basic facilities.

For instance, the roads in Summerhill Ward locality deserve special appreciation and a huge share of it goes to progressive Ward Councilor and an emerging leader Diksha Thakur.

It would not be possible to express appreciation of residents of the ward in words. Perhaps, these photos would be a help:


The photos show a narrow road that connects Boileauganj and Shiv Mandir locality that is used by large number of pedestrians and two-wheelers. The road was tarred about two months ago, first time in last four year, during the tenure of Diksha Thakur.

The quality of work and material has already paved way for potholes while rest of the road is covered with loose gravel, which makes it extra smooth for both two-wheelers and pedestrians.
Maintenance of the stairs in this very stretch is also exemplary. Take a look at the images:

Now, consider the fact that these stairs are mostly in complete darkness as streetlights aren’t reliable. As an incentive to pedestrians, the entire stretch of this road passes through dense jungle. The damaged stairs make a nice trap on which pedestrians can stumble and sustain major injuries. But the administration’s won’t agree until it actually happens. But even then, the action would depend on social and economic status of the victim. Middle class populations and lower categories do not count.

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Let us remind you that the Ward Counselor had exhibited her scientific and progressive attitude on many occasions in the past. For instance, when HW had complained regarding the heap of plastic waste behind her office in Boileauganj, it was set on fire to pollute air instead of removing it.

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In wake of Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election in 2017, the State Government will soon launch a campaign for publicity of its achievements during last four years. Declaration about development of road infrastructure through the State makes essential part of these declarations of achievements. Similarly, the CPI (M) would also be preparing the list of its achievements in wake of elections for the SMC in 2017. Public must ensure answers next time when these leaders appear on their door, urging support.

Moreover, it’s not only about Summerhill Ward. It was just an example. Other Ward Counselors are not different. Politics of statements and announcements mostly work in divert public’s attention from relevant issues.

railway-pull-balugang summerhill-shivmandir-road

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