Spectacular Pangong Tso lake turning into ugly scene due to littering

We have all always posted some breathtaking pics of the Himalayas.I visited Pangong Tso, was amazed by its beauty, took a walk along the bank of the lake and to my dismay found a lot of trash thrown by the tourists like cigarette packets,wrappers etc.Some of these trash had even gone inside the water of the pristine lake. I was disappointed to think that we all undertake such long and tiring journey to witness this wonderful marvel and then we ourselves leave trash behind. Although I collected some of them and brought them back to the tent for their proper disposals, I think we all need to be conscious about how well we are treating back the places we go to visit ! Let’s all pledge to be better and caring tourists! Posting here some pics of Pangong Tso ,that we don’t want to see about such beautiful places. If we don’t be careless about nature , we will never have to see something like this again.

Via FB :https://www.facebook.com/anshu.sweety?fref=nf

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