Two of many Idol Shimlaties at their best

People in Shimla are hit by traffic jams everyday. Wrongly parked vehicles are one reason. Typical Indian behavior is another reason. For example, two gentlemen had parked their car on the wrong side of the road at sharp curve (near 103 tunnel) near a roadside ‘parantha wala’, and were enjoying their breakfast followed by some chit-chat with cigarettes. Then they threw out some beverage packages and bottles to make sure they don’t miss littering. While they enjoyed their moments of leisure, other vehicles, especially buses were being obstructed by this car. A few had a narrow escape from clash. They occasionally noticed it in rear view mirror, and seemed to have been enjoying power of common man.


They had eaten, but they didn’t move the vehicle. Then they were resting. The dhaba wala told him that he was causing traffic jams, and that he should move the car. But who cared to listen to a dhaba wala. It would have been real insult to have listened to a dhaba wala. It was real annoying to see that such self-centered idiots can enjoy their parantha even when they are disturbing hundreds of other passengers and drivers.

The driver almost ran away when I clicked a couple of photographs like usual cowards who can’t face their own absurd deeds. That’s the reason Indian crowd need strict laws and policing. Our negligence towards acts of common interest and lack of common sense is the cause of our societies suffering. Luckily, I am not one of these guys. I hope, everyone will try not to be like them.

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