shimla toursit litter

‘Shimla is my home, not your litterbin’

shimla toursit litter

Ever since I thought of a break from my hectic schedule, the only thing which came to mind is my weekend break. The best part about my place of job is that it is near to my home town. Shimla, ah that is my home place. The name only bring smile to my face. Just to take a break from my job I thought to move to my place on Wednesday afternoon. A pleasant ride pleasing weather, this is the only thing which I look forward every time.

As I approached towards Dharampur, there was a long line of traffic. I wonder why on the weekday traffic jams are there. Then I remember oh! It’s the tourist season for Himachal Pradesh. It’s normal to get stuck in traffic jams during tourist season. With too much of traffic jam I reached my home town.

The very next day I thought to visit Himachal Pradesh University form Sanjauli. Apparently it takes 35-40 minutes from Sanjauli to reach Summerhill, but it took me almost 1.5 hours to reach my destination. All this because of the tourist rush pouring to the hill queen.

Sunday, the day I thought to came back to Chandigarh. With a heavy heart I started my journey back to the city beautiful. Such a pleasant weather with the kooks chirping all around, ah! I am going to miss all this in Chandigarh, but then work is work. Till Tara Devi it was all perfect and then again the traffic jams started haunting me. Oh! God not again I’m not going to make it on time.

A car from Punjab (PB- 09 A 2649) was constantly irritating me in that traffic jam. This was an Innova which had a huge joint Punjabi family in it. The loud Punjabi music playing in the car was the one which was too irritating for me. It was too laud to bear. Being from a tourism background, I was checking my patience on the tag line of Indian Tourism “Athiti Devo Bhava”. These people were littering around the hill queen. Chips, chocolate rappers, canes and bottles of soft drinks were the content of the litter.

Then, in mid of the traffic jam, a guy again threw some trash (non biodegradable) on the road right out of his car window. This was the limit of my patience. I went off my vehicle, picked up the litter and threw it back inside the car of this Punjabi family. These individual started yelling at me, “why are you throwing it inside our car”, and all the crap. The only answer I had that this is my home not your litter bin where you can throw all this crap.

These are the people who want to come to hills and relax here. These are the people who only say “Humney to socha tha ke pahard khubsurat hoty hai, par yahan to itna ganda hai”. (We thought mountains are beautiful, but it’s so filthy here.”
himachal tourist trash
Come on guys, why do you have to litter all around this place, why do you have to throw garbage here and there without even thinking that this is home to some body. Why do you have to destroy the habitat with such a beautiful flora & fauna?

I am not blaming the government for this; I’m no body to judge the people on the scale of ethical behavior. But yes, I am an individual who cares for the ecology of my home place; I am an individual who is worried about the Shimla’s environment. You people are nobody to litter my place.

Moreover, is it justified if I throw my litter inside your house? Perhaps, these litterbugs don’t care for their own home. It doesn’t bother them if someone is littering around while visiting their place. But, I do. I value and respect what the nature has endowed Shimla with, a marvelous, blissful beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Come on people grow up. This is my place not you trash bin.

By Maunta Himkiran, Shimla

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