Missing railing paves the way for a car accident

On 30th of April, a Maruti Alto driver trying to reverse his car couldn’t judge the distance correctly and rolled down the road. Fortunately, there was no casualty, but this incident raises questions on MC’s responsibility for such accidents. The photographs clearly show that the spot from where the car rolled down doesn’t have railings or for that matter, parapets. It wasn’t an high speed accident and if the railings would have been there, the accident could have been averted. The railings were missing for a long time, but the unfortunate car owner paid for the mistake of MC, Shimla last night.

Location Of Accident: Boileaugang to Shiv mandir Road

It was just a single example of many such spots where railings and parapets are either missing or damaged and can lead to disasters claiming lives due to irresponsibility of MC and HPPWD. Recently, Himachal Watcher had submitted a complaint regarding the same matter on E-Samdhan along with the pictures of the spots near Khalini where parapets are missing.

All, over the Shimla City, one can see roads with no parapets and in case if there are any, they are damaged and solve a negligible amount of their sole purpose. What’s keeping the concerned people so busy that they don’t even care about the lives of people driving on these roads daily.

Please wake up and at least, complete the the duties you have been assigned before more such incidents make into news.


Reply received from MC Shimla to the complaint submitted by Himachal Watcher.
Estimate amounting to Rs. 8,90,000/- only for providing M.S. Railings from Boileauganj to Shiv Mandir has been sanctioned.
The XEN (R&B), MC Shimla has intimated vidy Dy. No.MCS/XEN/443/e-gov/2012-1213 dated 28-05-2012 that the estimate amounting to Rs. 8,90,000/- only for providing M.S. Railings from Boileauganj to Shiv Mandir has been sanctioned from Hon’ble M.C. House. The work will be awarded to the contractor after election of Municipal Corporation. Hence, the grievance may be considered disposed off with regard to this department.

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