Chakkar, Shimla Road Careless Attitude of Government

As a general notion, the condition of the roads in any country speaks about the prosperity and ability of the ruling party in power. One of my friends just sent me these photographs taken near Chakkar, Shimla. The first word that came to my mind after seeing the condition of the road in the locality was “Pathetic”. The road is damaged to such an extent that one wonders whether it’s the Shimla City or some village far away from the city. When we talked to few local residents, they told us that it’s been a year and the condition of the road is getting worse with each passing day. The roads are full of mud when it rains and now it’s getting dusty as the summers are arriving. It’s almost impossible for pedestrians to walk due to the dust. One of the photographs in album shows that kids from a nearby school are one of the worst victims of this careless attitude of government. There are ditches measuring more than 2- 4 feet on the road and every passing vehicle and resident is suffering.

It’s been more than a year now and government has not taken any step towards this serious problem. You’ll be surprised to hear that BJP, the ruling party, has an establishment as their main office in Chakkar. The party members and leaders keep visiting the place and still ignore the problem. The residents have almost given every hope for any relief from a self-centered government. Perhaps they are regretting for they had voted for them. Once again, Himachal Watcher is putting the issue in front of the concerned department. Please wake up and perform the duty you have been assigned to. We will keep an eye on your response after this complaint.

If you doesn’t respond to the complaints submitted by us, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop complaining. The issues will be raised until the problem is solved. After all, the government and the concerned departments are answerable to public and they will have to justify their position some day.

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