What does the public need most – raising statues or the development?

In the MC meeting, councillors fight over raising the statue and naming the Chowks after their party’s idols instead of considering the actually relevant issues for the wards.

India politicians as well as the representatives of the political parties at every level, focus more on the advertisement and petty acts of naming the popular places after their idols. For example, in the recent meeting of the MC Shimla, the councillors delicately fought for the development of their wards. On a serious note, Disha Thakur, the councilor of the Summerhil ward, made the MCShimla accept her proposal of naming the Summerhill Chowk after the Shaheed Bhagat Sing, which, with an equal dedication, was opposed by the BJP councillors. Finally, after some heated arguments, it was decided that the Summerhill Chowk will be named after the Shaheed Bhagat Singh and the statue of the same will be raised, while Boileaugang will receive the statue of the Swami Vivekanand. Although, the Boileaugang needs street lights badly, but the statue would compensate for that.


What a great benefit to the public of 0these wards. Let the roads remain in pathetic conditions, benches wrecked, and the roadside drainage system waiting for a maintenance, as these issues have been doing for the past many years. The MC meetings must focus on building statues and fight over naming the Chowks. The petty issues of the public relevance and development of the area can wait. So what if the 2 KM road, leading from Boiluganj to Summerhill, has become one of the most terrible roads in Shimla? The statue is the first preference and it must not wait. After all, the public needs them

We mean no disrespect for the freedom fighters, the great philosophers and the saints who contributed towards the nation, but we must say, the same meeting should have focused on improving the condition of the ward, maintain the roads and many other issues, which are actually relevant for the development of their ward.

HW had submitted a complaint regarding the poor condition of the road that leads to Summerhill from Boileaugang on 18/04/2012. However, no one bothered to consider it.

Old Complaints:

1) Wretched condition of the road leading to the temple of education, HPU Summerhill.

2) Missing railing paves the way for a car accident

3) Negligence of electricity board (Boileaugang to Shiv mandir)

A few images depicting the condition of the Summerhill ward.

car-accident-shimla-summerhill summer-hill-shiv-mandir-road

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    Yeh nai kaam kr lay kuch chowk ka naam rakhne say kuch nai hoga…this is really shame hamaray Counsilor k pass itna time hai k wo chowk ka name suggest kr rahi hai or MC ne us suggestion ko approve bhi kr diya….counsilor mam agr suggestion dena hai to apne area ke development ka do zara street light dekho,road side drainage ,missing railings dekho jis k n hone ke wajha say accident ho rahay hay hai jo MC ne aadha kaam kiya hai wo dekho us k liya suggestion do na ke chowk k name k liya .Public TAX facilities k liya pay kerti hai na ke chowk k naamkarn k liya…mayor sahab aap say yeh umeed na thee…..summerhill k log kab say kuch cheezo ke demand kr rahay hai un ko bhi approve kr do zara…road ke condition dekho…

  2. Madan

    I don’t wonder that these representatives, of course not that of the public but mare their party, are having such a narrow range of future vision, but the public who appreciate such decisions. In the meeting these public representatives are rather fighting for their party and not the public. I guess, there should be psychological test of those who wish to stand as an candidate during elections. Intelligence test, EQ and about human values.

  3. Sunny Thakur

    yeh 3rd time summerhill ward mai CPIM aaye hai matlab last 10 saal mai in logo ko na idher ka road dikha ,na idher k road side railings dikhi. na street light nazer aaye NO VOTE THIS TIME IN TI ELECTION

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