So what’s the scam behind the Solid Waste Processing Plant in Shimla?

On 18/09/12, I approached the site for the processing of municipal sold solid waste, constructed near Tara Devi Shimla, as I desired to write a short article on the plant with some comprehensive images of the plant and the machinery.However, as I took out my camera, the guard at the gate ran to me, startled likeas if I came there to kill him, and told me, in a staggering voice, “ Photographs are not allowed here. Not just the plant, but photography is prohibited in all the nearby area, even the hill.”


Well, why not, I inquired but, in response, he gathered a few more men at the gate and they were all very serious about it. I told them that I was thinking about writing a positive story about the establishment of the plant as the city needs such measures badly. Moreover, there was no notice board on the gate or anywhere in the range of my vision. While I was feeling like an alien, one of them spoke, “ we won’t even let the MC Commissionr in unless the owner orders us.” All of them were showing an extreme defensive behavior. All I could make out was that they had really strict orders regarding the security of the valuable treasure and ultra-advanced technology inside the waste processing plant. After all, Europeaan countries can steal it and copy the machinery.

It was just a waste processing plant and what harm anyone would probably intend there. The guard with others stared at my camera more than they listened to me and were terrified like it was a gun and I came there to rob the waste processing plant. A big and curious question mark erupted in my mind after watching their nervous faces. I calmed myself down and tried to converse like a layman, of course, with the camera switched off.Then again I asked them that why is that why the government is afraid of letting anyone go inside. The guard replied, “the owner has given us strict orders to keep the plant away from the reach of the journalists and media person. The media always publish negative stories and would do the same with this plant”


I just giggled and mocked at him asking him that what’s wrong in there that the government is so cautious about not letting the media person in. He replied, “it’s not a government property yet, is owned by a private company and they might be trying to prevent exposing their technology.” I busted into a laugh and looked at him as both of us knew the reality why the private companies are scared of the media. Then he joined my laughter and added, “you know, there is always some scams when there is any contract between the government and a private owner.”

I just moved towards the board that contained the details of the company and the plant. The plant is owned by Hanjer Bio-Tech Energies Pvt. Ltd. That just reminded me of the story HW covered about the site of DFL Sama Tara project,in which me and my friend managed to enter the site of the construction to click some photographs and record a video. I guess, after that story, that guard must have been fired and every private company, assigned contracts in Shimla, must have passed strict orders to avert any media person even get a glance of their sites.


It was a humorous experience for me as I witnessed the terror of the media on private companies in contracts with the government, and a serious concern as there is something wrong, which they are protecting. After all, the truth never needs protection and the wrong always does require security.

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  1. Sunny Thakur

    Yeh harkuch tha: =
    While I was feeling like an alien one of them spoke, “ we won’t even let the MC Commissionr in unless the owner orders us…… yeh to wahi baat ho gaye beta baap ko ghr mai aane say rok raha ho hahahahah…….

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