A tribute to the loutish government and the dumb public of Himachal


A few glimpses of the way the trees are tortured in Shimla, the capital city of Himachal.

From the primary classes, we are taught the relevance of trees in every breath we take. At the time we are matriculate, we know that there would be no life without the absence of trees as vegetation is an integral part of the life cycle. Scientists even claim the trees to have life, like all living creatures. Himachal claims a literacy rate of above 90%, but the government and public display a level of ignorance even worse than the illiterates of a tribal area would do. The real estates and the government have already assured a rapid deforestation all over the Himachal. But, some are being killed slowly by various agents. Have a look at the way the trees are treated in Shimla, the capital city of Himachal. The task of exposing the precious trees to an extreme torture has been assigned to the Electricity Board of Himachal. Most of the trees face their stay-wires, iron-rods, iron nails etc. The cable operators don’t hesitate to hammer nails into the trees to hang their amplifying boxes, advertisers use anything to place their billboards, and the public, too, doesn’t miss any opportunity to participate in the same. We have been writing to the forest department, DFO MC Shimla, and Electricity Board of Himachal to have pity on the trees and remove the wires, rods or anything that hurts the trees. However, no one cared except a few of those, which were removed after HW’s consistent complaints. Once again, we are forwarding the complaint to these departments with these images.

tutikandi save-trees sankat-mochan-temple-tarade sankat-mochan-temple New-ISBT-shimla kanlog-HPSEB-office kanlog-bypass hpseb-stay-wires deha-chopal chopal save-trees-near-summer-hill-ground-railway-station-sumerhill

Images: Madan

These images are only a few from the huge database of hundreds that HW has maintained from the past one year. Moreover, it’ll not be difficult to guess the condition in the rural areas, when the capital city is in such a darkness.

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