HP Police’s ‘Kanoon Vyavastha’ web portal – A big failure


Recently introduced interactive online portal of HP Police isn’t operating properly and displays an error page, mocking at the big claims made by high ranked HP police officers

One of the readers of HW brought to our attention the newly started online portal of HP Police-the ‘Kanoon Vyavastha’. The person sent us a few screenshots (View Gallery) and complained that the portal wasn’t registering any complaint his foreign friend was trying to submit on the web portal and rather displayed a big error on the screen every time the submit button was clicked.

The original text sent to HW by the complainer:

Hello Sir,
There is one thing I wanted to tell you, DGP Bhandari recently inaugurated the online registration service for foreigners,
Now I asked one of my friends abroad to use this, as she was coming here in near future. She tried 5 times but the site didn’t work. Then I tried, it didn’t work even then.I even wrote to these guys, let us see if they respond.I am attaching two screen shots for your reference here. I am kind of hopeful that it doesn’t work even today.
Jai Hind!

HW itself log into the The ‘Kanoon Vyavastha’ website for first hand confirmation. We filled all the fields the portal asked for. When we pressed the ‘Submit’ button, the following screen appeared.

A few days ago, HP Police announced the implementation of the ‘Kanoon Vyavastha’, which the department claims to be one of the top rated interactive police web portal in India. The daily crime reporting at all police stations, details of missing persons and vehicles, road accidents, crime analysis, community policing, and payment of Challans under Motor Vehicle Act are a few of the services that the Department boasted of.

However, the typical ‘Sarkari Kaam’ again lies apparent ridiculing the power and capability of Internet. Earlier one was E-Samadhan, online grievance portal, which takes weeks to forward complaints to the respective department. Most of the other websites are either running with half completed or are full of errors.

In case of the online challan payment section, the ‘Online Payment’button is disabled and no payment could be actually made using the portal.(View the screen shot in the Gallery) And,its is just a single error out of many others. You can have the privilege to experience the ultimate Sarkari website yourself. (http://admis.hp.nic.in/himpol/Citizen/OnlineComplaints.aspx)

The State Government, for sure, is committed, but just to performance best in doing the so-called ‘Sarkari Kaam’. Huge claims are made, the implementations of new services and policies are announced with a great pomp and show. After that, there are no follow-ups or reviews.

Here, read the following claims that the Director General of Police, I D Bhandari, made on the day he announced the activation of online portal.

“Complainants in certain cases can get a response within a few minutes, and efforts are being made to nab culprits, including those involved in serious offences of assaults, rash and negligent driving, molestation and cheating, in no time.The complainant can check the status of the FIR, including updates about arrests and seizures by going online. In case someone is not satisfied with the progress of the case, then he/she can post a comment. Officers concerned will not only be responding, but also passing instructions to the SPs”

Regarding the same service, the Satwant Atwal Trivedi, DIG (crime), claimed:

“A lot of research work and innovations have gone into designing the online service for citizens and also its effective usage by senior officers,”

However, even after a complaint to the department by the very person who wrote to us, the Police Department did not attend the issue. The service emphasized on ensuring tourists regarding the safety measure, so that the tourism industry in Himachal could get some boost this season. However, what’s the use of such fraud assurances to the guests and the public when they aren’t actually available.

It’s not about this particular service, but HW had published a story regarding a Facebook hack in Shimla to which the HP police expressed their inability to deal with. The victim could just wonder whom to ask for help when even the police have surrendered in front of a cyber crime. The miscreants with good skill in the field of IT would take advantage of the backwardness that the government is displaying in the race of technology advancements in IT. It’s no big deal that someday a confidential information uploaded on a government website would leak leaving the department in a helpless condition. Please, give up your Sarkari attitude before the State witnesses any further growth in cyber crimes, which is unchecked at present.

The identity of the complainer has been kept confidential on request

HW has forwarded a copy of the complaint to the concerned department, and the status on the same would updated as soon as we receive a reply. We would like to thank the complainer for writing to us regarding the issue

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