MC Shimla worried over dead trees, while living await help


The Tree Authority of MC Shimla attends the trees, which have become a danger, but ignores those dying due to stay wires and iron rods.

No doubt, the Indian government recruits and trains the most refined of actors who master the art of keeping the public in delusion through variety of skillful hypocritical performances.

For an example, a Hindi daily newspaper writes about the quick action taken by MC Shimla regarding a complaint made by the public. The Tree Authority of MC Shimla, including Mayor Sanjay Chauhan, visited the sites in Kasumpati, Chotta Shimla, Khalini to see how serious the situation is. Other members of the Tree Authority accompanied the Mayor as well. Two of them are DFO Inderkumar and Diksha Thakur, the councilor from Summerhill ward.

DFO Inderkumar is a dedicated officer and we are honored to publish his name on HW. He is so kind and attentive that we have been crying over the cruelty of HPSEB on trees over the past one and half year and he has maintained ‘In Progress’ status on all of the complaints. Here is a glimpse on HW Big Picture. Other than that, we wrote to him several times regarding the stay wires, billboards nailed into tree trunks. One of them was mentioned the torture on trees in the premises of the Sankat Mochan temple. It’s almost an year now, but those trees stands, dying slowly with each day passes in pain for them. We believe, trees have life like we do and they feel the pain when an iron road penetrates their trunk.

We have also been submitting regular complaints regarding the roads leading to HPU and Lower Summerhil, which have become quite a hell, damaged and in a dire need of complete resurfacing. However, silly complaints originating from silly website are not worth even a little attention of this great leader.


Moreover, there is nothing left to prove as Diksha Thakur, the councilor from Summerhill ward, has already proved how progressive she is when a couple of months ago, she fought furiously to place a statue of Sardar Bhagat Sing and name the Summerhill Chowk as Shaheed Bhagat Sing. It’s an irrelevant fact that she couldn’t see the a big ditch in the middle of the same chowk. Meanwhile, the road to HPU and lower Summerhill has become fit for some off-road adventure. Well, that hardly matters. The statues should always be the preference. May be, the legend of a Shaheed encourage them to practice the attitude she has been into.

Himachal Watcher is one non-sense online headache, which the MC Shimla tried to ignore. Moreover, you will wonder, these guys at HW are actually stupid. They have been working regularly without any remuneration or income. You can consider it like that, but HW promises that it won’t quite until you don’t learn to attend to the actual public grievances. We are not afraid of raising a valid issue.

You might mind the aggressive language, but the facts are true and HW has the record of every complaint it made to any State government department. MC Shimla cries it suffers from insufficient funds, but what funds you require to remove those torturous stay wires and rods from the trees or direct HPSEB against it. Again, on Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 11:23 PM, we submitted the same grievance to DFO Shimla with the high resolution images. Still, no one moved a muscle, except leaving it ‘In Progress’ like they have been doing it since the past year.


MC ensured that the list of the trees, which have become a danger, would be prepared and dealt with soon. We say, the tree dying due to wires and rods, would join the danger category after a few years and find a place in the same list. These trees can be saved if DFO Shimla bothers to understand the seriousness of the issue. What you expect us to write to you, what language we should use to tell you that climate change and global warming are damn serious issues. Please, attend to our complaint and got those torturous tools removed from the trees in Shimla or we have or lets us know whether you won’t attend to us until we file a PIL with copies of all the complaints we submitted to you along with your responses saying ‘In Progress’.

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