A passionate cartoonist who’s sarcasm spares no one, not even herself


Artist: Meena Kashyap, Shimla

Meena is a local from Shimla, who completed her B.ed from St. Bedes’ College, and then graduated in Law. However, instead of being occupied with teaching or advocacy, she pursues her passion for cartooning more than anything. Sarcasm and mocking dialogues targets not only the individual personalities, but almost every social, political and economical issues grooming in the society. She doesn’t miss any major issue in news and rarely, any face of life remains untouched in her works. Even, she didn’t spare herself. She clearly displayed her state of mind in a self Caricature titled “Do Naavon Par Sawaar”. It shows a girl with a book of IPC in one hand, a color stick in the other one, who also carries her passion for cartooning in a basket that shares her educational background too.

With a collection of over 5000 cartoons, she has gained praise for her works in many of her exhibits.

These days, her fans and the public enjoy her cartoons on Facebook, where she updates, at least, one of her works daily. Her cartoons not only get likes, but also invite people to discuss the issues embedded in them. It’s very hard to choose the best of her works, but we have uploaded a few which you would surely enjoy.

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