HPSEB burdens consumer with extra charges for using online bill payment


Why HPSEB is charging extra money on the name of ‘convenience charges’ from consumers for using online bill payment service, when BSNL offering a discount on the same?

If you submit your electricity bill online, then Himachal State Electricity Board will suck some extra money from you on the name of convenience charge. That’s the new scheme of HPSEB under which payment of the bill through online banking would cost you extra Rs.7/- as convenience charges and same would become 1% of your total electricity bill if you use a bankcard for the payment.

While for the same service, online payment of bills, BSNL offers a discount of 1% of your total bill.

Now, as both the departments are under government, we would like to ask a simple question from HPSEB that why you started putting extra burden on the already suffering public on the name of so called ‘Convenience Charges’, when another government department in the same State is doing the opposite of it by relieving the consumer instead of sucking to his bones.

When we called on HPSEB’s enquiry number to ask about the same, even your own employees criticized it and gave us a negative feedback regarding the inclusion of extra charges on the service. The price hike in fuels, daily commodities, school fees of kids, bus fares, LPG etc aren’t enough that you are sorting to such unnecessary deductions or that the scheme has been included to favor some private company with whom HPSEB is in contract for providing online payment service.

The copy of the same has been submitted to the concerned department and we are waiting for the response from the department

Public comments on HW’s Story : 22/01/2013


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  1. Raj

    I Was Really Shocked to See … : Where every Internet Portal gives Free Services with Home Delivery Facility….Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) now Charges extra on the name of “Convenience” for Online Electricity Bill Payment Service….I think this is not the right decision….

  2. Ravinder Makhaik

    Thanks for bringing this issue to light – and it has appeared in Times of India on two occasions, with the government clarifying that the board has been asked to review the decision of imposing this charge on consumers.

    Do check out;

    And also

    Take care,


    • Jaswinder Rana

      Looks like HPSEB is not listening to government. Rs 11/- for HDFC bank, 1% of transaction value for Citibank, Rs 7/- for ICICI bank, Rs 4/- for all other banks and 1% of transaction value for Debit card/Credit card.

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