E-Samadhan – A pathetic online service of Himachal government

Government’s display of backwardness in providing the public with online government services, Online grievance portal, E-Samadhan, turned into a storehouse of pending and unheard complaints.

Recently, Shimla police appeared on Facebook asking the public to use the online service through E-Samadhan and we hoped there would be some improvement in the service. However, it continues to be an ignored one or may be the government is not able to train the ‘Sarkaari brains’ of the government employees to fit to the online world. The stinking Sarkaari mentality is present equally on E-Samadhan aas well. Here are a few examples:

Perhaps, the officials at HPSEB should be choked with their own stay-wires, so that they could feel the pain and harm they have been doing to the trees all over the Shimla city. It’s almost two years us barking at you to please remove your metal stay-wires, iron rod etc. you have tied around the trees. Here is what you have done


Our complaint regarding the same is flying over your empty heads from August 8th to till date. The complaint was transferred or forwarded near about 11-12 times between the officials of HPSEB. The replies mentioned the word ‘immediate’, but even after 6 months, not even a muscle has been moved . Does that mean immediate for you; six months just to remove the staywires from trees?

Twice, out of your 5 replies said, “ We ensure the issue be attended within 3 days”, and thrice it said, “ Concerned officer is requested to look into the matter and resolve the issue immediately without waiting” . Last time it was on 5 January you replied us with the following order, “Addl.SE,ED-I,Shimla is ensure the issue be attended within 3 days positivley and complaince be reported to all concerned through on-line e-samadhan and today, it’s 29 of January. Now again, you are going to promise an action within 3 days?
Idiots, stop playing the passing game, the stay wires are still choking the trees. Please, for the sake of God, remove them, trees are alive like human, they can feel.

HPSEB is not the only one to pass time on E-Samadhn. It’s over a year now that we have pending complaints with HPPWD regarding the need of safety walls and parapets on the roadsides to avoid accidents and complaint regarding the damaged rain shelters all over the Shimla City, which are in dire need of maintenance.


To Food department, we had asked to inspect the issue of expiry date cylinders, which were being supplied to the consumers. The department disposed off the complaint saying that the department has enquired and did not find any cylinder with the expiry date. We found near about 5-6 cylinders in January this year. Thanks, you too stink on E-Samadhan.


Our Shimla police don’t even remember the complaint we had submitted on E-Samadhan regarding a Facebook account hack. The department had surrendered to the complaint saying it has no trained staff for tackling such complaints. It was just the Facebook. What would you do if a case of online bank account hack comes to you?


And, our favorite MC Shimla always tops the list when it comes to E-Samadhan. No one can beat you MC Shimla. You are the flag bearers of the ‘Sarkaari Kaam Association’. We don’t have count of your excuses and complaints pending with you on E-Samadhan. Perhaps, we should plan an exhibition in the historic Gaiety Theater, in which we would put the printed copies of your work on E-Samadhan, but we fear, theater doesn’t have enough space to accommodate all of them. Please, look after the mental sanitation in your department.


In nutshell, we would like to urge the government and the mentioned government departments available on E-Samadhan that stop behaving non-sense and consider the online grievance portal as a serious business. Do not demoralize the public to use online services, when the whole world is shifting entirely on Internet. We know you guys are backward in case of Internet and everyone knows that, but why not to improve on it now. Get serious and find reasons to attend to the complaint submitted instead of finding excuses not to do so. We would not hesitate in appreciating your efforts as well.

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