How Shimla celebrated the Republic Day


Everyone knows what happens on Republic day celebration. The scene is a bit usual for the public now and not many of us would consider it important enough to participate in the celebrations, but we guess, doing so would be the greatest gesture to pay respect to the constitutional form of one’s nation.

We hope you remember that the Constitution of India came into force–on 26 January 1950–replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India. We think, that’s a occasion gathering and celebrating. However, constitution of India, presently, doesn’t appear to b able to serve the average public much, as it’s supposed to do, and rests in the hands a few politicians, elite class and powerful in any way. How? Because, the Indian constitution provides socio-economical equality to every citizen. Now, don’t laugh at it. It’s not a joke or perhaps, it is.

Even otherwise, that is too old for the public, to get inspiration for that, but still, the visuals are the some temptation for some of us and therefore, we collected a few glimpses, which you might have missed. A lots of preparation is needed for such an event, so, we should show some appreciation to the artists, participants and everyone who helped creating some wonderful scenes to please the public and the guests.

himachal-republic-day-photos-5 himachal--republic-day-ridge-tikender-sanjay-chauhan

Dancing and music make this gentlemen nostalgic about newspapers, hence, Republic Day makes an excellent occasion to read a newspaper. Sorry for the Artists!

Shimla,-republic-day-photos-19 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-22 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-26-january Himachal-republic-day-karate-performance-by-kids-on-ridge-shimla Shimla,-republic-day-photos-25 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-27 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-28 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-30 Shimla-republic-day-photos-karate-performance-ajay Shimla,-republic-day-photos-33 Shimla,-republic-day-photos35 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-38 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-39 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-41 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-43 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-45 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-dance-performance-ridge Shimla,-republic-day-photos-kullujpg Shimla,-republic-day-photos-MC-Shimla

Then appeared MC Shimla and the commentator said some words in appreciation for the achievements of the MC department. That was the most humorous moment of the whole event and made us laugh, which other journalist around also joined. We would like to thank MC Shimla for giving us a chance to laugh.

Shimla,-republic-day-photos-save-girl Shimla,-republic-day-photos-Shimla-police Shimla,-republic-day-photos-traffic-police Shimla,-republic-day-Virbhadra-Singh Shimla-republic-day-13 Shimla-republic-day-himachali-culture Shimla-republic-day-NCC-9 Shimla-republic-day-NCC-ICICI-Bank Shimla-republic-day-photos-8 Shimla-republic-day-photos-10 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-4 Shimla-republic-day-photos-16 Shimla-republic-day-photos-agriculture-department18 Shimla,-republic-day-photos-7 republic-day-Himachal-photos Shimla-republic-day-photos-mandi-23

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