In chilling winters, Shimla forest burns in fire


Shimla: Yesterday, forest fire broke out at Tutikandi, near new ISBT in Shimla, due to unidentified reasons. Most probably, some local lit the garbage near the forest. However, the impact of the fire remained confined to a particular area, which was completely in ash except the trees. A HW member dialed fire assistance number and a small van soon appeared on the spot. However, the men didn’t find it much serious and rather waited for the fire to burn rest of the patch and end itself. Flames and smoke filled the nearby area. A few flames could be spotted even after 9 PM yesterday. Well, that’s a bit irresponsible behavior on the part of fire department men as they left it partially burning. Fortunately, there was no damage other than the vegetation. Here are a few pictures taken on 8 January 2012.

Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-12 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-11 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-10 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-9 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-8 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-7 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-6 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-5 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-4 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-3 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire-2 Shimla,-tuti-kadi-on-fire

Photos:Madan and Himachal Human

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