A marvelous 4-minute film tells the story of a loyal pet dog

Two local girls from Shimla complied a real event into a 4-minute short film. The story tells the love and loyalty of their pet dog, Ciggy , who surprised them one day.

You never realize but all the hardship that you may face, is for something good that happens in future. When I brought home my pet, Ciggy, for the first time, I was convinced that it won’t be that a biggie to take care of it. I had recently quit my full time job and used to spend most of my time at home only. Therefore, I was not being unfair to this little life since no one else lived with us at home, who could have taken care of him otherwise.

It was all going pretty well, until I realized that I had really spoiled him with over pampering and now he cannot just stand me leaving him for even a while. Whenever I would return home after some work or hanging out with friends, I would be taken by shock. Horrifying sights of my sofa torn off into hundreds of chunks, and he would have tattered my shoes, sometimes there would be food spilled and scattered all over the house and many other inexplicable incidents.
That was not all, sometimes when I would not return home until 8 or 9 in the night, he would howl and cry so bad that entire neighbourhood would go nuts with the noise. Well, thankfully I was not alone to handle this as my friends would visit us all the time giving ideas and support to tackle his aggressiveness in some way or the other.

Troubles aggravated when all my neighbours kind of made an intervention against me to get me abandon Ciggy. They would accuse me of being irresponsible towards him, that I don’t feed him well, and that I don’t ever take him out etc. It had gotten to my nerves, as it was not the truth and they all never ever visited me to know me enough to pass such baseless judgments. On top of that, as you can also see in my video story, life there had become extremely difficult with mice coming from nowhere, no water, and sometimes not even electricity. Besides, I did not even have any constant job.


You can imagine putting yourself in my state of mind and you will realize, the situations were terrible enough to get me lose it completely. Well, I could have been easily tempted to abandon my dog thinking it was the root to every trouble.

However, those of you, who have pets or those who have ever lived with pets would understand that how painful it is to even bring that thought into your mind. The love for a pet is something you cannot feel for anyone or anything else. I put it this way, because a pet practically cannot return your dedication or affection the way a human can. It won’t become your bread-winner when you’re old, nor would it ever nurse you when you’re sick. However, it would keep loving you with same excitement and innocence all through its life. Even if you stop giving him treats or, as we may put it in general terms, stop giving him time or love as you used to owing to the worldly priorities, you’ll still be its entire world forever.

Well obviously, I never ever thought of abandoning him, rather I decided to fight for him now. I didn’t realize it coming but Ciggy had actually taught me to stand for myself, be more patient and be fearless, when it comes to your loved ones. Now I had got my voice and none of the neighbours could get at me for baseless and unreasonable fiddles. Eventually, I had also found out about my next door psycho neighbour who would fuel the matter across the neighbourhood to, perhaps, get us leave the house. You might not believe it, but such people do exist in real. I still cannot understand, why she was like this, but now I had learned not to get carried away by people who are too sugary sweet.

Well, along with my friend Shivee, who had been with me most of the time to witness all that had happened, I thought why don’t we compile a short entertaining video to tell our little inspirational story… Therefore we ended up with this short film, which is slightly fictionalized for the purpose of cultivating it into a story. Nevertheless, it is based on true events that we encountered all that while. We hope people enjoy it for the love of pets and start paying a little more attention than before towards them. Care them not just because they need you, but because they might be telling you great lessons silently, which you will realize having put a little more effort to understand their unspoken messages.
For now, until we meet next time when I have another story to tell, it’s bow bow!

By Shikha

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