Private bus drivers continue with rash driving, police excuses of duty hours

One of the two private buses racing overtakes another on the wrong side, but still doesn’t bother the passengers and even the cop present in the same bus.

In 2011, a 48 year old lady, who was de-boarding from a bus near High Court Shimla, was crushed to death by a private bus operator while it attempted a rash overtake from the wrong side. The eyewitnesses were horrified when they saw the body of the woman, which was in pieces.

However, the private bus drivers haven’t learnt anything and they still continue to mock at the public safety.
One of the passengers traveling from Summerhill to Vikasnagar wrote to HW regarding a shocking incident when one of the two buses racing for the lead overtook the other one on the wrong side at the MLA crossing bus stoppage. The passenger describes the silence of the dumb public and a female police personal sitting inside the same bus in the following words:

“On 9 Feb, Saturday morning, I boarded into a private bus named Komal Travels, which provides service on the Summerhill-Panthaghati route. The driver was competing with ‘Omkara Travels’, another bus on the same route. The driver wasn’t really successful in overtaking the rival bus. However, when the other bus stopped at MLA crossing to de-board some passengers, the driver of the Komal Travels drove the bus on the wrong side to overtake the other. Fortunately, no one had opened the window of the bus standing in the front, so it didn’t lead to any sort of loss. Surprisingly, no one amongst the passengers even bothered to object to the driver for such a irresponsible driving that could lead to fatal consequences.

Wrong Side Over Take By Komal Bus.

Meanwhile, my eye stopped on a female police personal in dress, sitting in the same bus. I curiously approached her and asked her why she did not object the driver. She replied in saying, “I am not on duty here and it’s not my matter as traffic police is responsible for such regulations”.
It was like a shock to me. The memory of the Indian public is very weak. They don’t remember even the most horrible of incidents for long. The politicians and the culprits know it well. Perhaps, the public deserves to live in the same stinking society, in which they have always been living. Perhaps, they are used to slavery and can’t actually use fundamental rights such as the freedom of expression. Indian public has no use of such rights. They aren’t willing to be the real ruler of their nation. They just want be ruled by cunning and wealthy.


However, I am sending my complaint and the photographs of the buses with number in a hope that the matter would be considered as an important one and action would be taken against the driver of the Komal Travels. I wasn’t able to click the photograph of the police personal; neither could read the name as she wasn’t wearing her name plate at that time.”

Here, we would not waste our words requesting the public to break their silence against such irresponsible behavior of the miscreants, because it’s completely useless. However, we would like to request to the SP Shimla Police to please remind the cops of their duty regarding the public safety. Even if your cops in the very dress, which they use to bully the public at times, can’t bother to object to such insane behavior, it’s stupid to expect it from the public. If the police staff can write ‘Police’ on the number plates of their personal vehicles, park vehicles even in the no parking zones, stop private vehicles to get lifts after their duty hours, then why can’t it use the same dress to stand against to public safety issues. What would you call a cop who believes in the excuse that the duty begins at 10 AM, but it was only 9:30 AM when someone violated a rule or did something unsafe for the public, therefore, the police was helpless.
Please, do brief your staff on some moral values, which they should not denounce before and after duty hours. We would further request the traffic police Shimla to look into the matter and take necessary action regarding the driver at fault.

Here are the Registration details of the buses:

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