A young artist, who sketches for fun, but with awesomeness


Artist: Abhishek Thakur, Sarkaghat, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

It’s a fact that the engineering students look desperately for some vent to release the pressure on their minds, which, most of the times, result into some interesting as well as creative activities, and Abhishek Thakur confirms it aptly.This 18-year old amateur artist, sketches for fun, but does that beautifully. Have a look at some of his works, which he mailed to HW; incredibly detailed, suggestive and emotive. He has a fine hand in sketching a variety of expression, let it be humans or animals.

Abhishek sketches anything he likes, but, if we aren’t wrong, then he loves to sketch Emma Watson – Harry Potter girl.

Abhishek Thakur hails from Sarkaghat in Mandi district of Himachal and is presently perusing his degree in mechanical engineering. He loves football and basket ball, but sketching tops the list of his hobbies. His ambition is to join the Indian army and serve the country. We wish a good luck to this young fellow, and would like to thank him for sharing his lovely sketches with HW’s readers. Enjoy the sketches in the gallery above, and don’t forget to appreciate if you like his works.

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