A multitalented artist from the hills of Shimla

About Artist

from Shimla,Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is stuffed with creative people, as it could be in any other part of the world, but the difference is in identifying the instinct inside you and nurture it until it starts giving way to expression in any form. Having passion for any art is bliss. The laws of universe are just perfect, but still imagination gives you a window into the lawless universe. Let’s not start a debate here over the mind and heart and talk about the artist HW chose for Creative Corner.

Raveesh Kumar is a multi-talented artist, who started painting during his school times, followed his instinct, and now he plays guitar, violin, and is also an amateur photographer. We aren’t sure what he does best, but he has got fine hands for ‘Oil painting’. Go through the works in the gallery above. We are sure; his works would appeal to any art lover.

Like the simplicity of Himachal’s culture, his inspirations are very are simple, but are amazingly versatile, and anyone would find it easy to associated with most of them.

One of his paintings, the one with a ‘bird on riverside’, appears to be a photograph in the first look and that is, no doubt, admirable.

Do leave your comments as a feedback about the works of this local artist. For an artist,admiration and criticism, both are like catalysts for their imaginative metabolism.

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