Another landslide near Himachal High Court, road blockage troubles public


A water supply pipeline broke down and a retaining wall collapsed at the construction site of new lawyers chambers near HP High Court complex, blocked the road, caused huge traffic jam

Shimla- The construction site of the new Lawyers Chambers near High Court complex once again caused a great trouble on Wednesday when one of the retaining walls collapsed after a water supply pipe broke down. The debris, stones, and mud covered the main road resulting in a huge traffic jam.


The traffic was then deviated to Khalini – Tutikandi bypass for safety reasons. The supervisor present on the site said that MC Shimla was warned regarding a water supply pipeline, which was discovered during the excavation work, but the department claimed it a dead line now, which doesn’t have any water.

However, the workers present on the site claimed that when the pipeline broke down, water flooded the construction site and lead to the fall of retaining wall. Check the Video Clip that HW recorded at the site:


Here is a ‘Video Clip’ showing the conversation of supervisor on the site:


While the labor and machines were on clearing work and the road was still unsafe, most of the two-wheelers rushed on the half-cleared road and troubled the work. Surprisingly, the police present on the scene didn’t bother to stop them until someone asked them to do so. This is a fine example of the way Indian public behaves irresponsibly, and doesn’t co-operate. If any of them had been injured or died there, obviously everyone would have put the blame on the government.


It’s not the first time that the construction site caused trouble. So far, the boundary wall and the garden of Clarke’s Hotel collapsed thrice-due excavation and the digging activity in its vicinity. In July 2012,the hotel management was forced to close the hotel until the end of rainy season, cancel all the bookings,and shift the guests to Ccecil hotel as a re-built supportive retaining wall collapsed and structural engineers declared the building unsafe. The hotel remained closed for two months, and was re-opened after some repairs to strengthen the foundations. British-era Clarke’s Hotel holds a great value as it’s one of the most prominent landmarks of Shimla, which was constructed in 1898 and was one of the first acquisitions of MS Oberoi, the founder of the Oberoi hotel chain.

Other than this,another damage was the collapsing of a moterable High Court link road after massive landslides triggered  by intermittent rains.

The site of construction had already faced opposition from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Shimla, Sanjay Chauhan and Tikkender Panwer respectively. According to them, the site is a geologically fragile zone,and hence, no construction work would have been permitted here.

Himachal Bar Association has long been shouting for new chambers as the number of advocates is growing in Court, and as response to the demand, govt had nodded to it in yes. According to some sources (advocates) committee of lawyers seeking personal chambers in the building had paid 1 Lakh each initially and were ought to pay more in later stages. However, it brought series of troubles with it when the construction work begin in May 2012.

No surprise that the government is in no mood to pay attention to the fact that the site chosen for the purpose is a unsafe zone, which could cause loss of a heritage building, risk the lives of people, damage the vehicles on the road right underneath it, and all other troubles including transportation, like it happened today.

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