Cruel Shimla insensitive to the pain of trees


SHIMLA-After ‘torturing stray dogs’, Shimla Municipal Corporation is now encouraging slow killing of trees in Shimla. Since past one year, HW has been sending hundreds of pictures with exact locations asking the deaf, dumb and blind DFO to act to remove fatal iron wires tied around the trees and pull the rods out from the trees in all over Shimla. Unfortunately, due to such disabilities, DFO Shimla could not act to help it. Most of the wires and rods belong to HPSEB, cable operators, and advertisers.

These pictures below are taken recently near AG office, Vidhan Sabha , and IGMC. Have a look at the images, and imagine how much it would pain if you are choked with an iron wire or an iron rod is screwed into your body for no reason.


Trees are not lifeless; rather they give life to every creature including humans. We would request our readers to participate in our campaign to save trees, and at least report to HW if they find any such tree that’s being harmed in any way by anyone. Trees can’t speak, but their pain is real, so speak for them. Help check deforestation that has already began in Himachal. Also, don’t forget to leave your feedback for DFO Shimla and HPSEB. People are the real source of power for us or any media, therefore, do participate and help us in our cause.

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