Learn how to kill trees, Join Shimla MC, HPSEB crash courses today


In case, you haven’t yet received any opportunity to axe green jungles of Shimla like DLF, a real estate tycoon, or you think you haven’t got the talent to disrupt environmental balance in your surroundings, then Shimla Municipal Council and State Electricity board have great experience to guide you on your way to destroying trees around you. Also, they have perfected their role play as blind, deaf hypocrites.

killing trees in shimla
Take a look at these pictures below in the gallery. These are taken in areas nearby Chief Minister Residence in Shimla. HPSEB stabs their nuts and bolts, rods, stay wires and whatever they could into the tree trunks. If you have read science during your high school, you know that these activities harm trees and slowly kill them. But, unfortunately, none of the officials including Mr. Chief Minister seem to have paid attention to the subject.

cm-residance-shimla department-of-enviromen,-science,-technology-shimla

Perhaps, it’s idiotic to expect public or other departments to understand the sensitivity of the matter. That’s what we feel when we find the same situation right in front of the office of Environment, Science & Technology department, Himachal Pradesh.


It’s been more than two years that we have been sending complaints with pictures and locations to HPSEB and Shimla MC to get the trees in Shimla rid of these harmful activities and to adopt strict measures to ensure this trend doesn’t continue in future. They don’t get it at all. We always try to avoid individuals and their political affiliations in most of the articles on HW. However, here, we would like to ask Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Shimla whether they have lost their scientific attitude, which they claim as an integral part of their party ideology, after winning elections? Have you also adopted the practices of corrupted culture as you attained a little power? What should the public expect from you on higher ranks in political arena if you can’t even handle it on a lower level? Rests of the political parasites aren’t any good as well, so don’t be glad for this specific ideological criticism.

First we ask HPSEB to instruct their field workers to strictly avoid harming trees. Secondly, we would like to ask DFO MC Shimla to open his eyes and attend to the issue as soon as possible. Get removed all these harmful wires, rods, nuts, and anything that’s harming trees all over Shimla. Take measures to educate people and impose penalties on the offenders. To our readers, we request to report such issues, so that the precious trees, the essence of the beauty of Queen of Hills, could be saved.

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