Torturous roads of Summerhill unseen by Shimla MC and Councilor


HW recorded the miserable condition of two main roads connecting HP University and lower Summer hill. Shimla MC and Councilor of Summer hill ward didn’t move a muscle even after a year of regular complaints.

Shimla- In April last year, HW wrote to MC Shimla to take pity on suffering public of Summer hill. Two roads, one leading to HP University and other towards Lower Summer hill, were in hell like condition for the past many years. These two roads had become a headache for every driver and the public travelling in buses or in personal vehicles. We sent those images and the grievance of the public, and in return received almost every excuse from not having sufficient funds to bad weather from Shimla MC.

Then the Councilor of the Summer hill ward could see beyond naming the Summer hill Chowk after Shaheed Bhagat Singh As a result of such a ridiculous attitude of these two, and public itself, even after regular complaints from the past 13 months; the condition of the roads has worsened

Please, take a look at these videos recorded a couple of days ago while driving through these two roads.

Lower Summer hill to Boileauganj

The road from Boileauganj to HP University had received some patches in between. However, even the patching matched with the attitude of Shimla MC. Have a look at the present condition of the road in the video below.

Boileauganj to HP University

Even the HP University students, who are always up for bloodshed in campus, never took any initiative for an apparently righteous cause. We wish any of the student organizations had bothered to shout slogans to get these roads properly metaled to actually relieve the public.

Sometimes, we wonder why anyone would care when the public itself isn’t interested for the betterment of infrastructure in their own region. People who keep shouting we are ‘Proud on being part of Himachal’, never actually cares to give it some real love and contribute to sustain for what makes Himachal a wonderful State. That’s called hypocrisy, and yes, the public here is highly hypocritical. People never take responsibilities they are ought to. No wonder, we are adding to the miseries of our own nation.

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