PWD Is Waiting For A Worse Incident Than This!

Two people fell approx 40ft down in the ditch, walking on the broken footpath in Victory Tunnel. Fortunately, they didn’t suffer any serious injury. Maybe this is the reason, why the HPPWD is still not awake.

Despite several complaints and constant alarms by HW, no significant action seems to have taken place. We still struggle along the damaged footpaths, railing-less blind curves and tattered rain shelters.

The monsoon is about to set, yet the pathetic conditions of parapets, roads, rain shelters and footpaths are way far from any restoration. The common people of the city can just sit back and wonder, what does it take for the PWD to wake up to these conditions? Are they waiting for a bus to roll down the railing-less roads, or for the mob to get intolerant having to wait in the rain for conveyance without any shelter?

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Guess we need to remind, those in the power, of the provision of road and footpath again. Take a look at the pictures of the footpath condition from railway station Shimla to H.P. High Court. Ironically enough, Rs.448963/ have been sanctioned to HPPWD for the repair of footpath. The approval has been sent this office letter No AE-1/Estimate /2012-635 dated 4/7/20-12.

shimla-high-court missing-parapet

Now let’s check out the endangered, railing-less by-pass road. The condition of the road is not hidden from anyone. It is in dire need of railings, with constant traffic jams and increasing risk of landslides, which occur during almost every monsoon.

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Most of the populace of Shimla, spend at least an hour every day at the bus stops, waiting for their bus. The real test occurs in the monsoon, when they have to wait leaning at the crumbled, scrap-like rain shelters. There are also places where are no rain shelters at all, despite the need.


HW is raising this concern, just close to peak monsoon. Hope it strikes the attention of the sleeping authorities.
It’s time! Wake UP HPPWD!

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