Lawless Dharmshala and its blind Traffic Police


The role of Traffic Police isn’t just to regulate the traffic, but to guide and look after the proper execution of traffic laws, violation of which could result in fatal consequences. Two wheeler riding without wearing helmet, drivers talking on cellphones while driving, overcrowding of vehicles, over-speeding etc. are some the things a traffic police cop is ought to keep an eye on. However, traffic police in Dharmshala city area has gone completely careless and allows each of the above mentioned wrong practices and violation of almost every traffic rule. Have a look at these pictures taken at a Chowk in Dharmshala a couple of days ago.

blind-dharmshala-traffic-police two-wheel-riders-in-dharmshala

No matter what you do, but it’s almost impossible to make traffic policemen move here. Two wheelers pass by over-speeding, without helmets, vehicle drivers use cellphones, and sometimes annoying traffic jams occur due to wrongly parked vehicles, but the traffic cops just stand like a drugged moose. They whistle sometimes, but don’t really care whether anyone is listening to it or not.


Instead of their eyes on the road, the cops find pleasure in staring the females, as rest of the India does.

dharmshala-chowk dharmshala-laws

Sometimes, there is a traffic jam on the road and these cops enjoy the scene from inside the shops nearby road.

cop-in-shop dharmshala-police-sexist dharmshala-roads-and-traffc

Even the police can be seen encouraging violation, as it’s like a hobby for them to use the authority of their dress, mock at the public, and make them feel weaker.

poilce-in-dharmshala-himachal female-saftey-in-dharmshala-and-police is-dharmshala-safe lawless-Dharmshala

These pictures show what can be called complete lawlessness inspite the fact that the traffic cops always stand there for they are being paid just for wearing uniform and stand to kill time. These cops and the superior district police officers like DSP and SP seem to have adapted to this lawless culture. This is how these scavengers are feeding on public money.

traffic-rules-in-dharmshala tripe-riding two-wheelers-in-dharmshala

This isn’t just about Dharmshala, but anywhere outside the boundaries of capital city Shimla, the scene is same everywhere. We would seek an explanation from Dharmshala Traffic Police for such a disgusting sense for their duty and a justification for the salary being paid to them every month for doing nothing.

usless-himachal-traffic-police violation-of-traffic-rules-in-himachal

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