Online shopping stores: Selling off or dumping off stuff?


The concept of online shopping is no more alien to us and everyday these stores pop up with amazing deals which are actually making us fool. They will trap you with alluring stuff like, Cash on Delivery, superb discounts, 30 days try and money back deals and what not. This year in February I placed an order with Myntra for a pair of Black Fila Floaters for my friend. It was tagged at a price which was less from the stores in my town so I happily snagged the deal. Thirty days, it was perfectly fine so there was no question of returning it. After the second month of the purchase, the seams on the floaters started ripping and a weak later, my friend told me that its sole has started cracking. For the current condition of the floaters, you can check out the picture.


This is my question to all the online stores, that why you guys get the bad quality stuff and dump on us with great advertising? Each time I visit a website with a promotional ad featuring the same Fila floaters, my heart breaks. Not only this, on my birthday this April, my brother sent me a pair of cool slippers from Zovi. The print of the slipper was more on my feet than the slipper. It smudged on my feet so badly and it was embarrassing. I gave a review on Zovi related to the quality issues and they assured me that some person will come and take the slippers from home. It was April then and it is June now, no one appeared to take those slippers back. These online stores are actually duping us under the name of this deal and that. This is my request to all these online stores that please stop fooling us with the low quality products. We are not your dumping grounds!

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