Shimla Satellite Fastway cable service crawls for quality


SHIMLA- The ‘Fastway Cable’ promises its subscribers the best service, and claims it to be the biggest Master Satellite Operators (MSO) in North India. It boast of cutting edge technology in both digital and analogue Cable TV services. However, in Shimla, the Fastway disappointed a lot of its subscribers. Their service delivery is rated as the poorest among all the existing cable TV service providers. Both the cable boys and the operator failed to show regard to repeated consumer complaints.

As an example, we have a frustrated consumer from Summerhill in Shimla, who had subscribed to the cable service from Shimla Satellite Cable Pvt. Ltd about a year ago.

He sent HW a video along with couple of images as an evidence of the torture his family goes through everytime they sit down together to watch TV.

“After exhausting day spent in the routine household tasks, when my wife sit down to watch her favorite TV shows and relax, she literally feels mentally harassed . There isn’t even one channel she could watch. Either the channels have too much noise or their telecast is pixelated or shows notice saying No Signal”, said the complainer. When the consumer called on the number given on the bill receipt, rarely anyone bothered to pick up the phone. Same happens when he called the cable boy.

However, they do come to collect their monthly charges for the subscription. Presently, the service provider is charging Rs.200-250 per month. Even after regular complaints and paying monthly charges, all that the subscribers are receiving doesn’t meet any standard neither it justify the subscription fee.


In a city like Shimla, the facility of cable TV is a part of the routine life. The value of entertainment has exceeded far more than a common man could assesses it. For the viewers of every group, as a mean of indoor entertainment, TV is one of the main components that affect the mental health. Entertainment isn’t just required to kill time, entertainment acts as a stress reliever, it’s one of the most relevant means to gain information through media, and is a window to the rest of the world. The cable TV channels makes a relief package as an emotional partner for innumerous house wives, who are left alone at home after the husband has left for the office, kids are at schools, and they are done with the daily household tasks.

HW received the same feedback from many other subscribers. Unfortunately, most of them either changed the service provider, or likely to do it sooner or later for sure.

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