Leopard enters house premises in Panthaghati, locals living under threat

Photo Copyright: HW/Nikhil

After the recent incident of leopard attack in Kanlog area near Shimla bypass, another scary incident came into light yesterday. One of our readers, Nikhil, sent us the above posted picture that he clicked yesterday morning inside his house premises in lower Panthaghati. According to Nikhil, this leopard crossed their high safety railing and entered inside the premises. Before the leopard ran away without causing much trouble, Nikhil dared to capture the evidence of the fatal threat haunting the residents. He expressed his fear and concern for the safety of people, pets, and domestic animals in surrounding areas of Panthaghati Cheli, and Mehli.

People in these areas are living under threats of leopard attacks for past couple of months. Now, it has become very difficult for people to continue with the same situation.

Therefore, on the behalf of local residents, HW has forwarded the complaint to Forest Department requesting their immediate interference before the animal causes any serious damage. We expect a quick action from the department to ensure the safety of people, their pets and domestic animals in these areas.

According to 2011 census, the population of Shimla was 814,010. With increasing population, ‘Man-Wildlife Conflict’ is becoming inevitable in many parts of Himachal and Shimla is no exception. Big fishes of real estate business are invading natural habitats of animals and destroying forest covers. State claims to have ensured measures to solve this conflict, but still builders are able to bypass the laws.


Ongoing construction of DLF Luxury Villas in the middle of forest land is an apt example of it. Hundreds of trees were illegally axed to clear the area for the construction of a transportable road to the project site. Wild animals are forced to share habitats with humans unnecessarily. In such conditions, it’s obvious for these animals to turn to villages and expanding city.

monkeys in shimla

Such incidents prove to be fatal for these wonderful animals as the locals turn to hunting down them when the threats cross the line. Monkey menace in Shimla is another example of the same conflict. It’s not ethical to overlook the issue from any of the two perspectives; as a threat to human lives and as a threat of extinction of wildlife.

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