Old, decayed electricity poles from Boileaganj to Shiv Mandir replaced


After regular complaints that HW had submitted, Shimla MC finally replaced many poles, which had become a risk to the people using a narrow path from Boileaganj to Shiv Mandir. HW had also published an article related to the pathetic condition of the decayed wooden poles. Now, the Municipal Corporation, Shimla has replaced them and installed the new ones on the road from Boileaugang to Shiv Mandir. The condition of the wooden poles around the region was a high treat to the lives of people crossing the area in cars or walking down the road. When we complaint to the Municipal Corporation and built a pressure through our articles on MC Shimla to look forward towards the big problem it was finally taken care by the authorities and the new poles came up.

While we complaint about the bad condition of the poles, by then the wires from the poles were removed by the Electricity Board but the poles were standing still and as mentioned above, it was a risk for the people walking or driving from the road. In the pictures you can see the old poles were were screaming the dangers and we have also put the new pictures of the same place with the new poles which are safe for the local residents.

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