Finally, HPPWD fixing its ‘Jugaad’ for footpaths in Shimla


If you remember, then HW had published an article titled “Shimla’s Jugaad formula for Footpaths” that gave an account of ruined footpaths provided between the distance of railway station and high court. HW had also wrote to HPPWD regarding the same. The article also had pictures showing temporary measures that were adopted to cover the damaged footpath. As good news, the work for their maintenance is in progress. Now, iron sheets are replacing old concrete slabs throughout the mentioned distance.

foothpath-shimla http://himachalwatcher.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/edward-school-footpath.jpg

In the same article, HW had also suggested to provide safety railing similar to those which were used near St. Edwards School. Therefore, the safety railings, which were earlier risky, especially for kids, are being replaced with safer ones.


It does make a difference if you take the pain for public grievances and speak for your society. Each one of us shares the responsibility to take initiative when no else bothering to do that. As a matter of fact, it’s you who possess the public property. It’s meant to serve public. But, most of us behave like silly, self-centered creatures that never bother to complaint except when the pain is personal.

Many such issues have been raised by aware locals, and metaling of Summerhilll- Sangti road is a recent example of it.sangti-road-summerhill

So, please show some respect for public property, speak for it. Take part in our little campaign to shake the public and responsible Govt. Departments to change their attitude towards public property.

This time don’t ignore it if you come across any such public grievance or issues like leaking water tanks and sewerage pipes, garbage, damaged roads, missing parapets, need for rain-shelters, urinals etc. You’ll find out that there are hundreds of similar issues around you if you take a moment to observe them.

No matter to which region of Himachal you belong, click a few photographs with any device you have and simply send them to HW with little description in English or Hindi. If you can’t do that, then just simply let us know the location. Your name and personal details will be kept confidential in case it pose threat to your security or official and political relations. Be anonymous savior of your society.

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