Shimla’s special ‘rain shelter’ for smokers, dopers, drunkards


SHIMLA-The whole space inside the rain shelter at MLA crossing is full of evidences which speak of uselessness of building a rain shelter at a spot where it’s not needed, while 100 meters ahead at Boileauganj crossing, a large number of people don’t have anything to take cover if it rains. The only rain shelter at MLA bus stoppage has turned out to be a very convenient place for drunkards and dopers. It’s a full time smoking zone as well.

Whole space is filled with beer and whiskey bottles including ‘Desi’, condoms and condom packets, a lot of cigarette butts, beedies, and all kind of garbage.

The floor is full of broken glass pieces. The place has not been visited for any maintenance or by sweepers for years. Mostly, after 8 ’O’ clock, it’s shrouded by HRTC mini buses parked in front of it. That’s a benefit for the miscreants. Packs of condom and condoms suggest that the place is considered more than safe for unwanted and anti-social activities.

It’s rare that someone would find a rain shelter safe enough for drinking and doping. But, this special one has an advantage; it’s at the wrong spot and rarely used by passengers. You would rarely see anyone standing there, waiting for buses. Unofficial bus stoppage is just 100 meter ahead at Boileauganj crossing. There isn’t any rain shelter at this point where actual crowd of passengers wait for buses, and they never use the one provided at MLA quarters. HW had written twice to HPPWD to provide a rain shelter at Boileauganj crossing because there isn’t any cover for passengers in case it rains. However, HPPWD didn’t bother to notice it. May be, they didn’t have funds for the public, but there is a lot of it to raise salaries, allowances of MLAs, and buying Camry or SUVs for them.

We are forwarding this complaint to Shimla Police to take care of unchecked use of the public property by antisocial elements for unwanted activities. We would suggest a couple of surprise checkings after it gets dark. Police might even see it live and grab a few of daily visitors. Secondly, we again demand HPWWD to provide some cover for the people at Boileauganj crossing and clean the existing one.

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