17 months for a few safety railings? Shimla MC, please speed up


SHIMLA: We had many torturous experiences with various departments of Himachal government, but this case deserves a special mention. The good news is that Shimla MC has, finally, restored the missing safety railings on Boileauganj to Shiv Mandir path. It took 17 months for MC. No, the contractor didn’t cause the delay. Rather, contractor finished it in less than 20 days.

Shimla municipal corporation  is lazy

This snail race began when last year in May, after a car accident, HW filed the first complaint regarding the need of restoring the missing safety railings in a patch, specifically, that from Boileauganj to Shiv Mandir in Shimla. We had asserted that patch is very narrow and it becomes extremely dangerous in evening because the streetlights don’t work, leaving it in pitch dark. A positive reply came after over 20 days, saying,

Dated 28-05-2012, an estimate amounting to Rs. 8,90,000/- only for providing M.S. Railings from Boileauganj to Shiv Mandir has been sanctioned from Hon’ble M.C. House. The work will be awarded to the contractor after election of Municipal Corporation. Hence, the grievance may be considered disposed off with regard to this department.”

As we weren’t expecting a quick action, we were all praise for MC after their reply. After a wait of six months, nothing had changed when we inspected the place. We again wrote to Shimla MC for explaining the delay. That was the beginning of MC’s ‘Sarkari’ torture to a complainer, like any government department does when a common man approaches them with grievances. It’s now that the railings have been actually installed. We faced many other government departments, but last 17 months with Shimla MC was a very frustrating, irritating, and hell like experience. Here is what happened during this whole time:

(Click on the title to read)

1. Missing railing paves the way for a car accident

2. Where did the Rs. 8,90,000 sanctioned by MC Shimla disappear?

3. Heights of patheticity, MC Shimla resorts to false and misleading replies on E-Samdhan

Now, let us talk about some other complaints we have submitted multiple times to Shimla MC. One of them is the ‘Tree Killing’ campaign by HPSEB, cable operators, advertisers, and public.

save natrual beauty of shimla 2

Trees are used to stab street lights while electricity poles stand unused, stay-wires are wrapped around trees, which penetrate their trunk and eventually kill them, cable operators screw their boxes and nails to hang cables, and many more trees are stabbed with iron rods and nails unnecessarily all over Shimla city. Even the public in VIP areas isn’t aware enough to point it out. May be, they don’t find it their business to save trees, like they don’t use trees. Only environmentalists and idiots like us receive special benefits from trees for fighting for their safety and preservation of environment. It’s almost two years now that we have been banging our heads against the walls of MC House asking DFO Shimla to take some strict action, relieve these trees from this harmful torture, pass strict instruction to HPSEB and public, and impose any possible measure to make sure this tree killing business could be discouraged. But, nothing has been done since then. Here is a glance on the condition of trees all over Shimla:

List of complaints submitted during last year and this year (Click on the title to read)

1. Learn how to kill trees, Join Shimla MC, HPSEB crash courses today

2. Cruel Shimla insensitive to the pain of trees

3. Trees are serving as billboard by Govt. department

4. A tribute to the loutish government and the dumb public of Himachal

5. Cruelty against trees knows no bounds in Shimla City

6. Save Trees: Why HPSEB nails trees instead of the electricity poles

7. Dear Chief Minister, Electricity board is killing trees in front of your eyes

8. Cruelty towards trees, a punishable offence in Himachal Pradesh: High court order

What’s wrong with you guys? Whom are you working for? If it’s not public, then what’s keeping you so busy that you don’t have time to act on public grievances? Why you resort to excuses and lies to avoid attending the public, especially when it’s common men. You would act lighting fast if any of your VIP or political dads calls you on your cell.

The DFO Shimla tolerates all his insult everytime we send him a complaint with complete articles. Yes, he does read them, but corrupted from all virtues and sense of duty, he feels immune to any insult as his self-respect, self-esteem, and all the sense regarding performance of his duty are long forgotten . Please, wake up and listen to the people sir; they are the very essence of the purpose for which you were appointed as the DFO ; to serve the public through government institute. We understand, for you, your job doesn’t mean much responsibility towards the public welfare as it does as a source of financial and social security and a prosperous personal life. But, please, do try to justify your performance for the expenses government makes on your salary.

When you read it this time, then please, let us know whether you’ll act on our complaint or not. If not, then we’ll try convincing our editor to perform self-immolation in front of ‘MC House’ to convince you. Please, speed up Shimla MC. We wonder whether you’ll ever give HW a chance to write praising words for your performance instead of sarcastically insulting words we are forced to use now.

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