Boileauganj garbage issue

God save the Queen (of hills), but who’ll save the God

SHIMLA-It looks like people these days aren’t pleased with God. Therefore, to express their anger against gods, they are littering all the temples with stinking stamps of filth. Poor Lord Krishna, like many others in most of the temples in Shimla, is helpless and waiting for someone to help Him reclaim the lost sense of holiness and dignity of His temple. We have some pictures showing surrounding area of a Gopal Mandir at Boileauganj, Shimla.

Boileauganj garbage issue
This ugly, stinking scene in Boileauganj has become a constant sight. For locals, it’s too common to be noticed. They have compromised with the holiness of the temple for their convenience. It’s the result of a remarkable collaboration of public and tourists with Municipal Corporation of Shimla. Rather, Shimla MC deserves special mention for such a fine co-operation.

gopal-mandir sewer
A couple of months ago frequent sewer leakages flooded the road in front of the same temple. Despite our complaint, it wasn’t attended for over a week. Now, this temporary, open garbage dumping site is stinking near the same temple.

The food waste attracts monkeys, stray dogs and cows, which sometimes pose risk of road accidents. The remaining heap of filth on streets includes multicolored chips packets, empty cigarette packs, empty cold drink bottles, plastic packaging and shampoo wrappers, or anything unwanted, and it has resulted in bunch of clogs in roadside drain, blocking and redirecting the rain water into the road whenever it rains.
The roadside drain is permanently damaged since past couple of years, and now in monsoon, it’s widening by cutting roadsides. sewer-in-shimla

The creeping water pipes are always leaking, and the road is wet and slippery most of the time.

The issue isn’t with a single temple. Shimla hasn’t spared any of the popular temples. As tourist spots, surrounding areas of Jakhu and Taradevi Temples are also accumulating garbage littered by visitors. HW frequently wrote to Shimla MC regarding the mismanaged waste disposal at Sankatmochan.Very soon, this mismanagement is going to spoil most of nearby temple spaces in Shimla. Domestic tourists share the credit for their additional contribution.

According to the Energy and Resources Institute, by 2030, it is estimated that more than 600 million Indians will live in cities, which is more than 350 million today. Every year Indians generate more than 55 million tons of solid waste. This number will touch 240 million tons by 2047.

If you think you are clean and never wished for such ugly circumstances, then we admire not only your ignorance, but also the ability to tolerate such filth around you and still stay calm and silent. Indians possess immense stamina to carry on rummaging through piles of garbage. The adaptability skills of people in Shimla are growing fast, and their ability to share existence with garbage is well known in western countries as well. Because, Shimla is one of the popular International tourists spot of India. That means the public of Shimla display its stinking attitude to thousands of foreign tourists visiting the Himalayan city.

People of Himachal live on the land of gods, and claim respect and pride for that. But their judgment is only subjective. This ill attitude of tolerating filth around them has its explanation in the following words from Budha: “If a man’s mind becomes pure, his surroundings will also become pure.”

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