HPU Campus: SCA function brings whole Himachal on a single stage


HP University SCA celebrated the two day cultural event at HP University auditorium as a tribute to a legend, Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh, on his birthday. Indeed, his lovers did honor this charismatic, visionary, and revolutionary freedom fighter well with their presence. The auditorium space definitely appeared insufficient to accommodate the huge crowd that gathered to enjoy the show.

SCA function is a biannual event, like a tradition, and is the most awaited event at HPU. Whole Himachal gets on stage with their folk dances, local comedy acts, and skits. If you haven’t actually seen Himachal’s cultural vividness, then SCA function is the best place to witness folk dances from various districts and regions. You can watch Kullu-Naati, Sirmauri-Naati, Shimla-Naati, Jhamakhada, Chamba folk dance, and much more. You can watch students in their traditional dresses and hear folk songs sung live by local singers.

The performances aren’t just confined to local boundaries. Students come out with Bhangra, Kashmiri folk dance, Indian classical dances, skits, and short plays on India’s present political and socio-economic conditions. In brief, it’s an awesome experience for students including every other viewer present at the university auditorium. If you missed it, then we have a few pictures and a short video clip to give you a glance at this wonderful event. It was a entertaining show except the lightning of the stage, which was poor and it made it difficult to avoid noise in pictures.

SCA-function-at-HPU-Campus--5 sca-function-2013

O.P. Chauhan, a senior advocate, was present as the chief guest on the first day while Kuldeep Chauhan, an old student and ex-member of HPU SCA, addressed the students on the second day of the event.

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SCA-function-at-HPU-Campus-13 SCA-function-at-HPU-Campus performance-at-hpu-SCA-function--5 SCA-function-at-HPU-Campus-30 performance-at-hpu-SCA-function-2 performance-at-hpu-SCA-function students-central-association-shimla MCA-hp-university himachali-folk-dances folk-culture-of-himachal cultural-event-at-Shimla-HPU

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