“Every drop of blood will be avenged”: SFI


On Friday, while addressing a huge crowd of students, Kapil Bhardwaj, a senior student leader, said,” Each and every drop of blood shed from the body of comrades will be avenged. Neither police nor army could stop us.” (Watch the video below to hear complete speech)

HP University authorities gave a chance to restigated students to defend themselves before taking any further disciplinary action against them. On Saturday, Dean of Studies, HPU issued a showcause notice to 26 students alleged of serious assault on SCA members/SFI activists. If students failed to reply, then they will be sent on a police remand.

Notice was issued to Divansh, Jagdeep,Rajnish, Virender, Naresh, Chandrkant,Mandeep, Kamal, Vikas, Navneet, Kushal, Amit, Nogsha, Piyush Chandel, Gautam, Surya, Hitender, Prakash, Ashoke, Pramod, Babu Ram, Prince, and Bhasker. Most of them were identified as ABVP student activists.


The tension among the students was apparent even on Saturday. But, there is something more to worry about. On 2nd October, when people are supposed to remember a great preacher, who is considered as a symbol of non-violence, two student organizations indulged in bloodshed. The initial reports, students, and shopkeepers agree that a few students including SCA members were attacked with sharp weapons by a particular group, which appeared to be acting under a preplanned strategy. The weapons were hidden at a particular spot, which were accessed during the assault. But to the other group, the attack came as a surprise. It wasn’t a minor attack. Attackers intended maximum injuries with lethal assaults using, khukhari’s, sickles darats, metal grips, iron rods etc.

About 6-8 student’s sustained injuries, two of them were serious, while one of them was in critical condition at IGMC, Shimla.


The angry protestors had gathered at the campus and pressurized University authorities to restigate 26 students involved in the attack. A special committee was formed to probe the allegation made in cross FIRs from both parties. On Friday, SFI leaders directly warned those involved in the assault of its fatal consequences.

Angry SFI cadre carried rallies and demanded justice with laud, aggressive slogans. They alleged ABVP of creating nuisance to disturb the peaceful environment at HPU campus after SFI formed SCA with huge margins.


Apparently, the environment at HPU campus is uncertain and might cause clashes in future. It’s almost impossible not to expect violent reaction from the victims. Angry leadership hinted at a strong reaction, not just to avenge the victims, but also to survive in the campus and to deal with the fear which in future could repel students to join them.


Not only the campus, but atmosphere at HPU hostels, both boys and girls, is tense. After the disciplinary action taken by HPU authorities, Vice-Chancellor might find it a perfect opportunity to tighten grip on student politics. Politically neutral students and those who have never been to university would find it completely a non-sense to tolerate the existence of student bodies indulged in campus politics.

However, before reaching a conclusion based on what media and newspapers project, remember that these bloodsheds aren’t just the result of individual ego clashes. Rather, they represent the tactics and methods used to survive in Indian politics at the elementary level. If you agree that corruption is a reality at educational institutes, then you might accept the fact that the presence of student unions at universities and colleges is a necessary evil. Before criticizing the bloody clashes, one must have a reasonable level of knowledge, if possible; personally experience it to aid the factual knowledge and understand the fabrication you read in daily newspapers. The power of media is most exploited by political miscreants by misusing the governmental machinery. For governments, media is always the perfect weapon to create strong illusions, which aren’t otherwise true. In fact, people do fall to these illusions and results of it are clear to everyone.

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