Why do Government officials work blindly?

Each time we think its time for the masses to appreciate the MC department and other Government departments for doing work in public interest, something or the other pops up that makes people furious about the government officials doing the particular task blindly.

Location:Summerhill ward Near MP Dhani Ram Shandil House village “Andari”

I am sure you all can relate with whatever is being said here. A few days back we came up with a news related to delay which was made in putting up the railings on Boileuganj to Shiv Mandir road way. 17 months for a few safety railings? Shimla MC, please speed up


Yes, you read it correct. It took 17 months for MC to get the task completed. Well, the public still was ok with it but then a big time goof-up was noticed that too by masses and not MC. Imagine the railings were put at only a particular spot. Couldn’t the MC, the ward councillor or the contractors walk few steps and check if everything in the vicinity is OK. Just a turn ahead there is a spot where there are no railings. Every day school students, office people and masses cross through this way and there is a danger of falling down.

We raised the issue of the railings missing at the spot where the accident took place months back then the railings were put that too after 17 months. Now what is MC waiting for? Another accident/incident. Why is it that we have to raise our voices, shout on top of our voices, drop-in mails, call the Government officials time and again to make them get off their seats and do some work for which we ‘THE PEOPLE’ have chosen them to serve us that is ‘THE PEOPLE’ ?


Now, the question is when will they make the next move? After another accident when some people from the masses will get injured? Why do these Government officials get blind, dumb and deaf as soon as they lay their bums on the seats.

What else, we people can just send the requests and not order you Government officials to make the efforts in public interest instead of your self-interest.

Here is another issue that we have come up with. Last call was attended after 17 long months. How long will it take to answer the call this time?

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