When it snows in Shimla – In Pictures


SHIMLA- Finally, the queen of hills Shimla, the capital of Himachal and nearby places, received somewhat significant snowfall on Saturday. While higher reaches like Kufari and Narkanda had heavy snowfall (30-35 cm), it didn’t appear significant for the locals in Shimla city (10-15 cm). But still, it was good enough for the tourists, who had rushed from nearing states like Haryana and Punjab. The mercury also dropped down by several notches.

However, even a thin white sheet of snow infuses fit of beauty into the hills of Shimla. For some, it’s cold, muddy, and slippery outside. Using cars is risky and there is no tolerance for the two wheeler users. For them, a heater and a TV at home is bliss during snowfall, while some others prefer to come out and play with snow. The cold, muddy, and slippery become thrilling for them.


On the serious side of the things, a lot has changed in Shimla, and the change in the pattern of snowfall is one of the most unfortunate changes. It’s a significant indicator of climate change. The deforestation for construction on forest lands by property tycoons like DLF, rise in population, rise in the number of vehicles, and higher energy consumption are a few such damaging factors hurting the ecology of the capital, and, so far, the public is almost unaware of their contribution. The glacier time bombs are ready bust nature’s fury on Humanity. God saves the Queen (of hills).

Like last year, HW has some pictures and video clips. We hope it to be a pleasing visual treat for our readers.

shive-mandir-summerhill loongwood-view-from-shimla-ridge victory-tunnel-shimla town-hall-shimla Tourism-activity-in-himachal hanuman-statue-at-jhaku-hill snow-shivling-on-shimla-mall snow-on-shimla-ridge snowman-shimla-shivling snowfall-over-shimla shimla-statues shimla-scandal-point ridge-shimla popular-shimla-spot playing-snow-ball-shimla old-isbt-victory-tunnel-shimla Kaali-Bari-road-shimla evening-college-shimla bypass-shimla bsnl-office-mall-road-CTO-shimla

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