AAP’s call for awakening reaches Shimla hills


SHIMLA-‘Aam Adami’ is the word that has become a call for awakening across the nation. Himachal isn’t untouched, at least, not after the rally AAP held at Shimla Mall in front of the DC Office on Saturday. The rally wasn’t a protest. It was all about making an appearance in Himachal after revolutionizing politics in Delhi. The gathering was small and the supporters displayed inexperience in slogan shouting as compared to the highly experienced workers of two national parties.

They didn’t have any leader, who addressed the crowd, there was no speech at all, and there wasn’t even a single flag except a couple of small slogan boards. These supporters weren’t connected through any high flying ideology.

Presently, their ideology is quite simple like most of the population. It’s based on the availability of an option to vote for someone other than Congress and BJP after such a long exploitation on the name of ‘Gandhi’ and ‘Hinduism’. At the same time, it’s an expression for the frustration caused by completely corrupted political culture: a culture where the greed of political parasites is unending and they are now up to sucking blood out of the common man. Their main slogan said,” Bhrashtachar Ka Manhakaal, Kejriwal…Kejriwal”


Although, it wasn’t a huge event with star party leaders, still the ‘Aam Adami Party’ deserves a warm welcome in Himachal. So we collected a few glimpses of the rally through photos and a video clip. The time will decide the fate of the party, but they have demonstrated that the real power of creating politicians lie in the hands of public. We hope, very soon, the honor and rule of Aam Adami will be restored in the entire nation.

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