Shimla Secretariat – New Flowerdale road mocks at public safety

SHIMLA-HW received a complaint from a resident of the New Flowerdale in Shimla telling about the indifference of Shimla MC and ward councilors towards the condition of the only road that leads to Chota Shimla New Flowerdale from Secretariat, which is a populated place, and hence, the road is used by thousands of the residents every day.


The road is very narrow, and the space is insufficient to let two small cars pass simultaneously. The dangerous slope makes it very difficult to reverse the vehicles on such a confrontation.

What makes it even more risky is the complete absence of the safety railings. The physical condition of the road is in ruins, and it is the same for the last 4-5 years according to the complainant.


However, when we saw the pictures, the condition looked more scary than it appeared in words. It’s a joke on the name of development and public welfare. Have look at the images and imagine it in the night time without any functional street lighting.


That’s true. The rains and snowfall further turns it into a slippery surface to even walk safely. While it appears lethal even for the pedestrians at the night time, the vehicle owners had somehow adapted to it. They prefer to take the risk of driving daily on this road, but don’t step ahead to ask the councilor or the Shimla MC to get it right.

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The day someone will be sacrificed for this collective ignorance, these very people will shout against the government with a complete lack of knowledge that they equally contributed to that by being silent and adaptive like most of the citizens do.
However, there is always someone who speaks for all these ignorant idiots, and we have someone who did speak for the New Flowerdale. We are grateful to this guy for his efforts to highlight the grievance. Of Course, we will get all the attention of the govt. that the grievance requires, and we will get it right. It’s not easy to move the government departments to attend to such public grievances, and it’s hardest in case of Shimla MC.

The grievance has been forwarded to Shimla MC with all the images for which we will receive an automated response saying that the grievance will be attended within a week. The week will not come even after months, and we will have to write again and again to the MC. At last, the department will come out with one excuse or other, and the grievance will be considered dispose of. That’s the best they can do, and that’s what they have been doing for most of such grievances. But, HW would like to mention that for us laws aren’t above the public and the truth. We would not hesitate to go defiant to make the voice of public heard.

To the public, please, do your society a favor. Don’t be a sheep, wake up, and try to make a difference this time. Each one of you can stand for thousands like the above mentioned road will benefit everyone, and not only the one who sent these images and the complaint. We aren’t the only option to submit complaints. There are daily newspapers, media, and online government grievances portals like E-Samadhan. For the sake of democracy and selfless welfare of others around you, try to make the correct use of the fundamental right to speech, at least once in the lifetime before you die.

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Complainer/ Images: Anonymous (The identity kept hidden on request)

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