himachal govt fail to provide roads

Wrecked Jahu- Hamirpur road: SDO & E-Samadhan turn a blind eye to complaints

e-samadhan fail

Hamirpur- Take a look at the pictures which were sent to HW by a person on the behalf of frustrated public of Hamirpur. During and after the rains, the road makes a natural pool. This is just a small patch. The whole road is completely damaged, full of pits. The road is one of the most used and a vital route.Obviously, that means a lot of people suffer everyday.It’s worst for the pedestrians and two wheelers. The residents approached SDO and JE with their grievance, and even submitted a complaint through E-Samadhan. No surprise they received disappointment every time. This behavior grew like a tradition because the public, with it’s self-inflicted misery, poses no threat for not attending them.

Jahu - hamirpur road in ruins

Here is what the original mail to HW read:

“The uploaded pictures are self explanatory of the condition of PWD road Jahu-Hamirpur. I have submitted my grievances through E-Samadhan also but the department has miserably failed to take any action to maintain this vital road. It is the shortest route from Punjab to Kullu-Manali. The residents of the area took up their grievance before SDO and JE also but in vain. The school going students, ladies and the old people in particular face lot of inconvenience. Moreover this stretch lies in front of PDS shop where people come to collect their rations. There is always danger of an accident as water is logged even when there is a scanty rainfall, what to say when the rains are heavy. Moreover the road is full of potholes. I request you to take up this matter at your level by highlighting it prominently on the social media. We the residents of this area will be highly thankful to you.”

roads in hamirpur district

We see no preference to the sufferings of the public here. It’s not only about this specific road, there are innumerous roads which lay in ruins, longing repairs for years. What could the poor Govt. do, they are busy in development or Bharat Nirman. Mr. Virbhadra Singh raised the salaries of MLAs, issued new SUVs, and had been planning for BMW for his own fleet. What a moment of pride it is when this fleet rushes, faster than ambulance, on a crowded, on sealed road of Shimla Ridge and Mall, which are otherwise aren’t available for the common public. The public, too, almost bows in respect clearing the road. They never question whether their chosen representative deserves such privileges or not. The public comes before self for a true Raja, but here, self comes before anything. Even the smallest of patch will be fixed within no time if it happens to be an VIP areas or a route used by VIPs, like the Chota Shimla- Panthaghati road. It’ll remain the same until the public began reacting.

Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal had squeezed the public money as much as he could during his turn to loot the State, and now, its Mr. Singh’s turn. In the assembly, the MLAs including our respected CM, beg for funds pleading for the development of the State. When they get it, some lose money is thrown to the public, and rest of it is kept for an opportunity when it could be transferred to personal pockets of the politicians, their faithful bureaucrats, and for party advertisements.
himachal govt fail to provide roads
The supporters are busy in chanting party slogans, and it’s impossible that they could see the defects of their favored political leaders as their name equals God for them. For the people who come with grievances, every Govt. departments has an encyclopedia of excuses. Moreover, what the non-reactive public could do more than submitting complaints. Media is easy to handle. They would rarely dare to go against the present Govt., at least, not without their consultation. Such is the pleasure of governing harmless, unaware folks who get lured by the lollypops, and accept kissing the boots of VVIPs in hope that this will fetch some favors to them. People are convinced that the government is corrupt but that they have no role in it, while their silence is the root of all this menace. Their representatives’ quarrel like tramps in the assembly and people find it entertaining to hear that on TV like the assembly doesn’t belong to them at all.

Like always, we are grateful to the person who didn’t give up his efforts, and bothered to write to us. We wish more people could make use of the smartphone like a smart citizen, click photographs, forward them whenever they have opportunity, and meanwhile, stand for the society. The grievance has been forwarded to the concerned department. HW will keep tracing the progress about it. Remember, the complaint is forwarded to the respected department with this article. If they read the article then they can also read the reactions from the readers who have an opportunity to react through comments. They’ll also empower our efforts. Our strength lies in our reactive readers.

Photos & Complaint: Anonymous

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