toilet facility in shimla

No rain-shelter, No toilets at Shimla bypass & MLA crossings while it gets crowded

new shimla isbt

SHIMLA- Dear government, the public in Shimla is in dire need of two toilets and a couple of rain-shelters. Do you have sufficient funds to do this much for the public? The Shimla bypass crossing and the MLA crossing are much more crowded now. People have nothing to hide under if it rains, and they pee in open as their isn’t any toilet. It’s making these two spots ugly, and it stinks too. Also, the government advertisements to encourage its people to use toilets make no sense when you don’t provide them toilets.

toilet facility in shimla

The public tolerated the last two winters, chilling cold winds, rains, and snowfall under open sky. Now, they are waiting to tolerate the rains in the coming season while they wait for their buses. This is too, when in last two years, HW has already written many times to HPPWD to provide a rain-shelter.

However, we guess, the HPPWD can’t bear such a great expense. Moreover, the public money isn’t meant to waste on such useless purposes. Is it? There are so many personal pockets to be satisfied. The maintenance of MLA flats, their vehicles, the fleet of the CM, their bills, their salaries, these are the matters which top the priority list. Still, they aren’t satisfied Mr. Virbhadra Singh, neither were the previous CM, Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal was. Both governments take their turn to suck up the wealth of the state. You keep begging for funds from the centre, which always disappear before they could actually reach those for whom they are meant for.

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We know it’s very tough for the Govt. to see the grievances of its public. Maybe, it’s a complicated matter for you to understand. So, to help you get it, we repeat that the new ISBT in Shimla is persistent on becoming the new popular spot. Being a bus stand in the capital city makes it a crowded space. The arrival of popular names like CCD, SRS Cinemas, Toyota Showroom, and a taxi stand with an ample parking space, all of them attract additional crowd everyday. This crowd led to the mushrooming of roadside tea stalls, and we are certain that property dealers, in league with the politicians and the Govt. in power, are searching for opportunities to serve the surrounding area to big restaurant owners, showrooms, hotels & motels, and almost everything that the old bus stand of Shimla has around it.
Shimla MLA crossing traffic

Under such circumstances, the two nearby spots, Chandigarh-Shimla bypass crossing and the MLA crossing, are now entertaining a huge crowd everyday. They need a couple of rain-shelters and, at least, two toilets.

As a compliment, we would like to add that the speed with which the Govt. attends to the public grievances is pathetic. The Govt., with its blood sucking vampire cabinet and MLAs, appears to be nothing more than just a bunch of unsatisfied, greedy punks. The vision of the CM and his government is too short sighted to survive long. Perhaps, you survive just because the people don’t have any option yet. Trust us. It’s enough of your political mischief. You are really pushing the public to the extremes, and someday, that’ll just end with an equal and opposite reaction, which you’ll turn as a violent protest; a subject to repression with all the power the government machinery possesses.

The public is afraid to tell you, but if they could, they would like to ask you many questions regarding what you have been doing with the public money. You are lucky that the people aren’t that much awake yet. We hope, they’ll soon realize that it’s the government that should be afraid of its public, and not the other way round.

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