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Himachal’s 12 districts with their cultural heritage on stage: HPU SCA mega cultural event 2014

hpu students prepare or sca cultural event

The two day biannual mega cultural event by HPU SCA starts on April 4. Those, who associate this marvelous event with some specific student organization or with student politics, are definitely mistaken. HW had been there, and had posted some images from SCA function in 2013.

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For the past couple of weeks, over 540 students have been preparing to present the cultural heritage of Himachal and the local talents at the crowd packed HPU auditorium.

The two day function presents Himachal’s folk dances like Kullu Naati, Lauhal- Garfi, Jhamakhada, Sirmauri Naati, Chamba folk dance, Gidda, Mandiyali Luddi, Ladakhi dance etc.

Image Galley: Rehearsal sessions at HPU

For good laughs, the students present the local theatrical forms of sarcastic comedy like Karyala and Makhaul. You can witness the local dialects, traditional dresses, and glimpses of life in Himachal.

That’s not all. The students come out with incredible plays, mimes, skit, and choreographs during this two day event. What makes this mega event a must watch show is the rigorous rehearsal session, which usually take over two weeks of hard work from the students. It’s a complete HPU branded production.

The aim is to preserve Himachal’s cultural heritage and to provide an opportunity for others to witness the same on a single stage, thus, strengthening the sense of cultural integrity of Himachal. Also, the plays and choreographies come out with very strong messages regarding the social, religious, and political evils. The event will conclude on April 5 with a rocking jam-session at the end of the day.

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