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HPU Campus: An unbreakable spirit of rebellion wins the day for SCA

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SHIMLA-After the minor clash between SCA and a student organization on Friday over a matter of alleged eve-teasing by NUSI members accompanied with outsiders, the HPU high command immediately dissolved the SCA, rusticated six students including some SCA members, and the some of them were arrested. On Saturday, HPU students held a massive protest rally against such an undemocratic decision. We have some visuals from the day.

Know why HPU students were protesting (Video):

The rally had students with badges and those without badges, equally participating in the protest.

Rapid action force in hpu shimla polic in hp university

HPU students gathered at HPU arts block and moved towards the VC Office when they were stopped at the gate by the police and the Rapid Action Force, which were already deployed in the campus.

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However, the students didn’t give up and sat down on the very spot with a warning that if their demands weren’t attended, the crowd won’t move from the spot. Observing the unrest and aggression of the students, the HPU VC had to call a couple of student representatives in order to negotiate.


Buzzing around the crowd, in a formal wear, the DSP Shive Chaudhary appeared to be having a troublesome day. Most of the time he was seen busy taking directions on the cellphone .

hpu sca leaders

In between, the atmosphere remained tense, the student leaders addressed the crowd and launched a sarcastic attack on the undemocratic and unlawful way of authorities to suppress their continuous protest.


An elevated space was used as a stage to address the students.

Rapid action force in hpu campus

The cops watched and listened to them as did the rest of students, while a few photographers and cameramen hovered over the spot with their equipments.

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The sound of clapping grew louder as the time passed and the students didn’t show even a single sign of stepping down at any cost unless their demands are accepted.

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The girl students, who were earlier living in hostels as guests, suddenly found themselves on road as their entry was prohibited without giving a thought about them. Interestingly, over 250 girl students were forced to enter as guest in the already crowded HPU hostels or they pay thousands of bucks to rent private accomodations as authority couldn’t provide them with rooms.

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The students didn’t shout even a single slogan. The sound of clapping and the voice of the student leaders said it all about the suffocation of not being heard, not being supported while they dare stand for the safety of the girls in the campus, against the deteriorating standards of the education, suppression of democratic rights of the students amidst the extremity of authorities.

student protest in himachal pradesh university campus

However, the spirit of students appeared to have rather strengthened on the final call.

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It wasn’t surprising that the VC had to step down on his two decisions; the check on guest entry in girl hostels and the limitation imposed on 24 hours section of HPU Library. The Vice Chancellor, unable to handle the situation efficiently like always, couldn’t stick to his decisions when confronted with a protest and pulled back his moves, that too without even a single slogan.

HPU campus sca  protest helpless shimla police watch

However, the students still have a major challenge to face, and they looked quite prepared for a bigger protest after the SCA, a democratic provision, was dissolved undemocratically against the interests of the students.

himachal top cops sca vice president piyush sewal Shimla girl students student central association hpu

Leaving aside the ideological sympathies, the conclusion is all about some important questions regarding the HPU student politics. Who is the real cause of unrest in campus; the inefficient HPU authorities or the students using their right to protest against the deteriorating condition of educational standards and facilities?

Why to suppress student organizations, blaming them for political nuisance when the administration itself clings its political patrons? Why is it so that only a single group of student is heard protesting everytime there is a fee hike or any other corrupt, undemocratic practice? Finally, why is that the criminals and illiterates are free to fight elections and form the Govt. in this nation, but the educated youth is criticized when it unites to fight back against the ill practices of the administration?

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  1. Jaswant Thakur

    These SFI wala are all Gundaas. They must be chased away from the country…send them to China. Tell them to take Kejriwal with them too.

    • Rohit Chauhan

      Yes we are goons and you ll also become if someone shall try to touch your sister/wife/mother in your presence.If want to know more than let me know emailid and contact number.
      And about chasing away . Brother let public know the facts , Than they shall come to know that whether progressive ideologies must survive or there must be place for communal politics ?

      • Avatar Jaswant Thakur

        Like you guys care to respect female students. SFI goons are most indulged in eve-teasing, You people just keep shouting, making noise, disturbing other students…

        • Piyush Sewal Bhardwaj

          Firstly check and study the History then and analyze why SFI forms the SCA in HPU everytime. Why HPU student community gives mandate to SFI. A university where most intelletual student of this state studying or studied…….

          • Himanshu

            Bhai…I don’t car what badge you wear, you follow communist ideology or any other.. but i can see students are fighting back against the corruption and the bad practices like eve teasing and ragging. I really appreciate your unity. Keep it up ! it’s good that now HPU is getting some transparent and all together rocking coverage..

  2. John Nikos

    Long live the SCA! Down with the autocratic VC!
    Salutes to SFI, the selfless fighters for the rights of students!

  3. Gaurav

    Now, this is something like making the media coverage a transparent and fair deal. SFI is a wonderful example of the power of unity and truth. Long live the revolution.

  4. Manohar Thakur

    Ab teri himmat ka charcha ghairki mehfil mein hai. Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai. We are with you #SCA

    • Aman

      Long Live #SCA.

      If the deaf are to hear, the sound has to be very loud. When we dropped the bomb, it was not our intention to kill anybody. We have bombed the British Government. The British must quit India and make her free.

      यदि बहरों को सुनना है तो आवाज़ को बहुत जोरदार होना होगा. जब हमने बम गिराया तो हमारा धेय्य किसी को मारना नहीं थ. हमने अंग्रेजी हुकूमत पर बम गिराया था . अंग्रेजों को भारत छोड़ना चाहिए और उसे आज़ाद करना चहिये.
      -Bhagat Singh

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