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Plight of New ISBT Shimla – People literally defecate, pee, and litter in open


SHIMLA-There are hundreds of pages on Facebook which fetch good number of likes on beautiful pictures of Shimla city and its surrounding areas posted on them. The tourism department and the Govt. keep making claims and boasting of Shimla as one of the best cities in India. In fact, Shimla had received an award for the best city, which the respected Mayor had himself received.

As a matter of fact, there are very few people or FB pages who try to bring our focus on the critical issues regarding the deforestation, increase in traffic, noise pollution and rising carbon emission level, improper garbage disposal habits, and many more issues which are spoiling Shimla’s beauty, serenity, and its social environment.

HW had been writing regularly to Shimla MC regarding the improper garbage disposal by public as well as the daily garbage collectors employed by the department to pick garbage from homes. We also criticize and request the people of the city to co-operate with Govt. efforts to keep Shimla clean.

However, we do not see any sign of hope regarding any aggressive action from Shimla MC or the Govt. Presently, most the people won’t find it unethical or against rules to throw their garbage in open, anywhere they could. The waste disposal habits are very poor and ecologically harmful.

new isbt himachal

Take a look at the sanitation condition and garbage disposal behavior at ISBT. People literally defecate right in front of the ISBT entrance. Take a look above at the photographs.

We apologize for posting unpleasant images, but there isn’t any question being decent when dealing with such boors.

ecological damage in shimla

There is a garbage bin, which is always overflowing, and garbage is rarely removed. Regularly parked HRTC buses provide cover from public view. It’s like an open public toilet. Even the guards at ISBT pee here. However, when the buses move away, the spot really stinks and appears ugly one.

shimla defecate in open

Although, the people who defecate here mostly belong to laborer section or the culprits are nearby tea-stall owners and their kids, but there are others who come in cars, never bother to step into the toilets inside ISBT, and pee in open.
tourism in shimla

Littering isn’t limited to any section. All of us including the tourists contribute as much as we can.
Perhaps, a public toilet is needed outside ISBT building because other than passengers, many visit the place, who either don’t enter building or are too lazy to walk 50 meters towards the available toilet inside ISBT.

tea stalls at isbt shimla

The scene isn’t different on the other side of the entrance. The mushrooming ‘raidi walas’ and ‘chai walas’ either burn or throw the garbage in open, just behind their stalls.

shimla mc waste management chai wala in shimla

The disposable cups and plastic wrappers form edibles make most of the waste. Defecating and urinating in open again make the sight an ugly one, stinking always.

plastic-burning-shimla shimla-municipality-waste-management

Some reader have already posted images in HW UrNews section showing garbage burning and littering in surrounding areas of the new ISBT, but there isn’t any response from Shimla MC.


We understand that it’s a tough job for MC to tame people, teach them not to litter, and similar duties. The public isn’t co-operating at all. There must be some reason behind this poor attitude regarding waste disposal that prevails in our society. For example, disposable cups and bottles mean they could be disposed anywhere in open. Most of the plastic mineral water and cold drink bottles end up anywhere but in dustbins.

We need awareness campaigns which could appeal to people from all sections of the society. Then, we need to ensure action against violators. The public is ignorant here. They don’t understand or mind littering. They would walk over piles of garbage, but they won’t ever speak a word against littering, neither they realize their mistakes.

There is one more issue; the cigarette butts, which take years to decompose. The Govt. has declared the state smoke free, and had banned smoking in public places. However, they forgot to consider the fact that sale of cigarette isn’t banned, so people will be smoking anywhere they could find an opportunity and cover as there isn’t any provision of smoking zones. In developed countries, the there are smoking zones and also the public space is defined more clearly.

All this crap, right under those huge promotional boards, advertising the CM and his policies, is symbolic of Shimla’s plight. Everything, the politicians and the Govt. do is hypocritical. All of them put more efforts in showing off instead of acting for the betterment. However, the Govt. is only a reflection of its people. The Govt., the people and their political representatives, all of them lack sense of responsibility; both of them are insolent, and boor.

Both of them has forgot that this place belongs to all, they are responsible for its aesthetic and ecological destruction, that it is their duty to not follow any practice that harms the beauty and purity of place they inhabit.

How difficult is it to carry your garbage to a dustbin? Is it too much for you to carry empty plastic packets and bottles with you until you find a dustbin? Why would you not stop throwing garbage from bus and car windows? All we need to do is take care of our own garbage, put a check ecologically harmful practices, and preach the same to others around us. That will be a great favor for Shimla city.

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