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HPU Campus: Students boycott classes, launch indefinate chain hunger strike

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SHIMLA: The HP University campus is charged and the students are angry, not just one student organization, but all of them in unison. Protests have become a routine at campus, owing to the decisions taken by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. A.D.N. Bajpi. The scenario is so grim that students have boycotted the classes and have launched a chain hunger strike for an indefinite period.

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The recent fee hike was not a real surprise, but the rise in percentage, which almost nears 50 percent, is what has come as a shock to majority of students pursuing various courses and to those who have enrolled for the new session. Further, the decision to defer the Students Central Association (SCA) has fueled the protest row as it’s the last and only option students are left with; to stage a protest, especially, when the VC isn’t ready to even face the student representatives for discussions or negotiations.

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However, today, students protest took a massive form when over a 1000 students gathered outside the HPU library. The campus looked almost empty, and it seemed as if the entire student community had assembled around the library premises to vouch for a common cause.

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Other than students, a large number of male and female police and Rapid Action Force hovered the campus. The security personal weren’t really out there to protect the students, or in anyway to scatter the assembling students but seemed as if were there to ensure VC’s security.

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The student leaders addressed the protestors, explaining what compelled them to stage the protest, boycott classes, and to launch an indefinite hunger strike.

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In one of the corners of the campus, there was a separate group of students (NSUI) also protesting against the same issues, but their protest was limited to a signature campaign. Something, ABVP had already done just yesterday.

nusi signature campaign

An interesting sight was seeing students wearing SFI badges also signing signature board displayed by NSUI, which proves a kind of majority developing amidst students regarding unhappiness with varsity authority and its decisions of late.

hpu chain hunger strike

Three students (SFI) begun the chain hunger strike, which is likely to continue until one of the either, the VC or the students, surrenders.

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The faces of those who gathered to protest clearly depict the seriousness of the scenario, the dictating attitude of the authorities.

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It does not make sense to hold SCA elections in the University when its voice and opinion are to go unheard. If SCA exists, then its participation in important decision making, which directly influences economical and liberal atmosphere of the campus, must be ensured by the management. After all the University is meant for the students and their interest should be safeguarded.

But this isn’t a sight at the varsity; in the real scene, the Vice Chancellor is making all the effort to remain unapproachable to the SCA.

He is in a state of see-me-not; running in-and-out of his office under cover of heavy police security, so that student representatives can not reach him and invite him for discussions. May be is out of logic good enough to convince the students.

student federation of india

A couple of days ago, all three major student organizations had announced a joint protest but today, as expected, all of them expressed their concern over the compatibility of union.

One student organization (SFI) wanted to launch a massive protest around the state in all major colleges, but that would have been quite difficult for the organizations such as NSUI, who’d have to go against the CM – leader of their patron political party.

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Then comes the issue of fetching the credit for the protest. In a mix of three student organizations, all have to shed their badges and stand shoulder to shoulder. It takes a lot to be so unselfish considering the contrast in different ideologies they follow.

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Still, all three student organizations aren’t happy with the VC-led administration and its decisions. They are protesting separately, but accept that they are fighting in common interest of the students. That means the majority of students aren’t happy with the fee hike and RUSA system. So, why the VC isn’t considering their displeasure but trying to impose his decision on them very desperately?

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