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Newly tarred Shimla roads back in tatters in just a few months (Pics)

himachal transportation roads 1

SHIMLA-For years, the public of Shimla tolerated roller coaster rides on torturous potholes amidst dust and mud. They waited for the day they would enjoy well tarred roads, but it could only happen not before the election dates neared Himachal. Finally, in April-May 2014 many roads, especially the main roads in the Shimla city, were asphalted. Before that no official complaints or appeals for the need of maintenance could even touch HPPWD or Shimla MC.

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Now, these roads couldn’t even stand the Shimla traffic and the monsoon rains for even five months. Go anywhere around Shimla city, and you’ll find worn out patches and big potholes either filled with rainwater or dusty on sunny days.

poor tarring material

We all know the reason. It’s the poor quality of material. Perhaps, it’s the poorest. On behalf of our mute public, who are also the taxpayers, we would like to ask the HP Govt. a few simple questions. Why you waste the public money in such a pathetic manner? Your shoddy work is the reflection of the will power with which the politicians and contractors wish to predate on state’s wealth; the grants Himachal receives from the centre, and on loans from foreign institutions.

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How does it make sense that the newly tarred roads couldn’t even survive a single monsoon season, and now, after mere five months, they are in ruins? What kind of joke is it? Then the link roads weren’t attended at all, and if some of them were, then they are in even worse condition, for example, the Powerhouse –Totu shortcut, New Shimla, Tuti Kandi etc.

poor shima roads

Now, the roads are getting quick patches to cover up the misery of the private contractors, HPPWD, and Shimla MC. In a democratic state, always the public is entitled to receive the best. But, as a huge contrast to this fundamental principal, the Govt., politicians, and contractors always strive to save the best for themselves. What made all of it possible is the public disinterested in protesting for their rights, or the people are afraid of the power of red beacon vehicles or the influencing position of bureaucrats.

lalpani bypass road

What excuse you are going to throw in now? The frequently used excuse is the weather of Shimla. That’ll be a lame excuse. Shimla isn’t the only place with such low temperature weather conditions. How come the Govt. approved such a poor quality tarring?

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The public is habitual to this treatment, and now the people has become quite skilled in adapting to even the worse case scenarios. Mostly, the public doesn’t either bother to ask the Govt. or they are afraid to raise their voice. Neither the private contractor nor the Govt. including its departments have any fear of being questioned, held responsible for such a miserable status of the public service they offer.

Take a look at the fresh photographs from various parts of Shimla city. Some of the photographs were sent to HW by its readers. Also, they cover only a few regions. The roads in the other parts of Shimla are in no better condtion.

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