roadside carwash in shimla

Roadside car wash continues in Shimla, Govt. vehicles top violator list

roadside carwash in shimla

After some readers posted images in HW UrNews showing drivers washing cars on roadsides and the damage that this practice had caused, today one of the HW members clicked some images showing two Govt. vehicles getting splashes of water near Vikasnagar petrol pump.

shimla carwash

One of the vehicles, a Bolero, fled from the scene as soon as the driver saw the camera, while the other one continued splashing his white Maruti Baleno arrogantly.

govt. vehicles violate rules

The driver was confident enough that no one would dare to speak against a vehicle that belongs to ‘Bharat Sarkar’, which was aptly imprinted on the front and back of the car. After all, the rules are meant for everyone except Govt. officials, wealthy, and politicians.

Washing cars on roadside is prohibited in Shimla, especially at points where natural water streams are flowing. There are boards near some of these water streams warning against violation of this rule or face fine for not complying.

However, everyone in Shimla is aware that the rule hardly had any effect on the drivers. At almost all such spots, where natural source of water is available, everyday one can witness same practice going on indifferently to the fact that there must be reasons for this rule or that it affects others, even exposes them to road accidents.


First, the water flows onto the road, damages it, makes it vulnerable to landslides, and even poses risk to the lives of many riding on two wheelers. The waste or leaking engine oil makes these spots risky to drive. Then, there are traffic troubles at times which make it must not do thing.

mehali road

HW readers have been posting some images from these spots which include Vikasnagar Petrol Pump, bypass road, powerhouse, and many more around the city. Traffic police isn’t interested in imposing penalties on violators, the public is a stubborn, insolently ignorant crowd, and the Govt. is busy securing personal facilities, so they don’t care about it. Rather, such petty issues doesn’t bother them.


Public isn’t complying and the violators need to be fined to set example for others. We are re-posting images of some spots which have become car washing hubs in Shimla. The same will be forwarded to the Shimla Traffic Police. Although, the department is quite aware of the ongoing malpractice, but still, we consider it our duty to bring it to their attention.

We would request our readers and citizens to open their eyes, not to ignore these violators, and click a photograph, post it on HW or submit it on E-Samadhan. It’ll be a considerable contribution on their part.

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